Sunday, October 30, 2005

My momma done told me...

when I was in pigtails
Some little girl was gonna give you the glad eye
and when the sweet talkin's through
Your gonna sew Blue all by yourself....

Our dining room looked like I had just finished plucking a thousand blue chickens. And a couple purple ones. But Blue is done. I have a couple inprogress photos, but they're on my film camera. I do still have to sew the snaps and bow on the chin, but really the hard part is done. Lala even got to try it out, wearing it to the monkey's Halloween party. I got the body done Friday night after La went to bed, then when she saw it on Saturday, she was all about encouraging me to do the hat. And the wheels are turning for next year's costume, I can see it.

I left out a lot of stuff - the mittens, the shoes, the snaps up the back, the elastic in the hood, but it's still pretty darn cool. DH sewed the purple spot on the belly.

I've also made some progress on Aunt Marilyn's sock -we're about halfway up the foot at this point, and the drop stitch scarf is pretty long. Only. I'm second guessing it. I might want it to be a regular garter stitch scarf. The drop stitch scarf is a little to, um, macrame for me right now. The yarn is so rustic that maybe it needs a more orderly and genteel stitch. I just don't know. I'm thinking about frogging it. Maybe I'll just give it a time out until the sock is done.

I joined the Warm Hands knit-along. I'll copy a button later. I also found something new to lust after and a book I NEED. Wrap Style. Published by Interweave. The shetland triangle, which I saw in this blog, and it was lust at first sight, then in the table of contents page, the twisty turns.

Well, I have to go sew those snaps on. DH thinks there's trick-or-treating tonight. We're going to be prepared.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

1 sock down, 2 things cast on

I got Aunt Marilyn's first sock done Tuesday at lunch. I used Peggy's stretchy bind-off, and I also found a good index of sock-binding-off ideas at weebleknits. Because I was too impatient to wait til I got home to see what the secret code word was for the subscriber area on IK. The sock is snazzy, IMHO.

I cast on the second one Tuesday night and am mostly through with the toe.

Wednesday, instead of continuing with the sock momentum, I wound up the Mango Moon yarn (100% viscose, rasberry-to-pink handpaint colorway, think and thin, very spun, I don't really see it listed on their website) for Aunt Marty's scarf. Due to the uneven texture it was really hard to wind into a ball from a hank. I tried it with the Mimi Verylong, and while I like the pattern and it was fun, it was really meant for a smaller yarn. Perhaps this is what I'll do with the yarn I bought for Clapotis. Hmm. So, on size 15 needles with 19 stitches (7 border, 12 inside) it was way frickin wide. Too wide. I decided to go with a drop stitch scarf (see the Keyboard Biologist or Wendy for baseline patterns). I think I cast on 12 stitches on size 15 (us) needles, knit 4 rows, %%(K1, wrap2 in the style of a yarn-over)* to end -1, K1, next row K across, dropping the wraps as you go, knit 3 more rows, repeat from %%. I think it'll be nice, and it's getting long quickly. We like that. I couldn't resist casting it on, because I was starting to worry about it. It's not even Halloween yet, and the countdown to Christmas is starting.

Got some good work knitting done on a dishcloth blanket at a lunch-n-learn yesterday. The sides are at 22". I've got 110 stitches on a row at this point. Just did the math and my goal for a 36" blanket is 180 stitches. 79 more rows to the hypotenuse. Or 11,930 stitches between now and then. Looks like about 160 stitches in a row to have 32" sides. It's kind of amazing the looks you get knitting at a tehcnology company. And how many people have learned to knit in school or how many people who's wives knit. A cheap thrill.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Day with Wilma

Wilma came through town today. DH went to work, MIL, LaLa, the Monkey and I stayed home. We didn't lose power, we weren't in the worst of the storm, and it really did pass through pretty quickly. After posting this, I'm going to check on my "blog neighbor" FluffyKnitterDeb. She is who you get if you hit "Prev" on my Southern Blogger's WebRing buttons. For the Birds is another blog neighbor. It's not a knitting blog, but she is on the Space Coast and has a nice blog going. At the shuttle launch this summer, she had the most amazing pictures of the shuttle as it was getting ready to go.
Back to our day with Wilma. It was pretty much a vegetable day. Lots of suckling at the glass teat until naptime. Then naptime. Then the storm was gone. So, a trip to Target to pick up some odds and ends and a round of coffee drinks. Why did I need 12 pictures for that?

The view out of my front door at about 10 this morning:

My project du jour was the socks for Aunt Marilyn. Here's how they were at about 10 this morning. Have I mentioned that Lala the sock model is going through a major "clothing optional" phase right now? At this point, I'm within a couple rows of binding off the first sock. I just needed to remember where I read about a stretchier bind off. I think it was in a sock article in the backissues of IK, in their online pattern section. But I'll let you guys know when I find it.

We gave the monkey a haircut this morning. I think it's pretty sharp, although, somehow I managed to leave in some long spots. Some of them add character, some of them make it look homemade.

Here is the view out of the back yard. Wind and rain. Lots of it. This must have been around 11. The storm was out in the ocean by this time. We have powerlines that run through that tree. [OK. This layout is a little "artsier" than I intended it, but you get the idea.]

Sorry for this dark picture. Did I mention that it was dark and stormy? One of my concerns was would the fence hold up. It's pretty wavy and we're hoping to wait until after hurricane season to replace it. There was always such a waiting list last November/December. So many fences were knocked down with Charley-Frances-Jean.

We had frozen pizza for lunch. A nice hot but slothy kind of lunch for a dreary but slothy day.

Worrying about DH driving in to work, I forgot to put this in. Got it in at lunchtime, set to high. I winged it, but I think it's my new favorite pot roast recipe: 1 good sized piece of meat (sirloin something), 4 potatoes peeled, cut into eighths, half a small bag of baby carrots, 1 can of golden mushroom soup, 1 can of no-salt-added diced tomatoes, a sprinkling of marjoram and a sprinkle of cajun seasoning. Was delightful. All it needed was a slice of bread and butter to sop up the juice. Mmm. Potroast.

The view from my backyard around 4 this afternoon. Notice the powerlines that run through the tree are still good and the fence is holding. What could be better?

Storm's past, and it brought a lot of cool air with it.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Some progress to report

First, I finished the back of the little sweater, currently called "Denim Colorway Sweater for Dulaan." The picture in the link really doesn't look much different than how it is now, except for it's longer, and it's off the needles. 15" of stockinette, size 9 needles 60 stitches per row. Doesn't sound too complex, and once I actually worked on it, it didn't take too long to complete. I guess now I can finally update the progress bar.

Second, I turned the heel of the sock for Marilyn. It looks nice. I'm hoping that I can continue the spiraling rib pattern around the ankle/calf of the sock without getting too confused and putting in a jig where it should jog.

We're expecting Hurricane Wilma tomorrow. Titusville is the top edge of the hurricane warnings, and I suspect if you drew a straight line to the coast from our house, we'd be between Titusville and Daytona/New Smyrna Beaches. So, it's hard to tell how much oomph we'll be getting. I went to the grocery store today and was surprised to see how it hadn't been ransacked. There were water, batteries, bread, peanut butter, hotdogs, etc. All looking like they were mostly fully stocked. Crazy. Maybe that hurricane supply tax amnesty in June did the trick. Or maybe the ransackers were waiting until later in the day.

La, the Monkey, and I all have the day "off" tomorrow. We're strongly encouraged to work from home. Not sure how that'll work out logistically, as I'm sure that (a) they'll be shutting down the data center at some point and (b) I turned off my dev machine before I left on Friday, so I can't tunnel in to that. My laptop is kind of an empty shell. An expensive vehicle for remote desktop connections.

LaLa, the Monkey, and I made Pumpkin Whoopie Pies this afternoon. Delicious! La is really enjoying helping in the kitchen. She is an expert "dumper" and ambitious mixer. She helped with the cookie batter, the monkey helped with the filling. Everyone assembled the cookies. The monkey got to try his hand at the electric mixer. He did really well. I was the only one who made splatters, and he managed to keep pushing the mixer into where the stuff to be mixed was. DH gave rave reviews. I think we must have been pretty cheap with the frosting because we had quite a bit leftover. Still, delicious and something you might want to have a glass of milk handy when you have one.

Assembling the Whoopie Pies

Yummy Cookie

Me Love Cookies!

We went to the library today, and I am disappointed in my selections. I really wanted to check out Jimmy Buffet's A Salty Piece of Land But I couldn't in good concience - I have several books queued up. Instead, I went to the knitting section and got 250 Creative Knitting Stitches, which has neat pictures and interesting ideas for wild and crazy cables, but I don't think it's what I was looking for. I was just looking for stitches that would look nice on the front and the back (like, say, for a scarf made from $22/skein nepalese hand painted soft stuff). I think I'm actually going to try something like this Mimi VeryLong on the knitty blog. I also checked out the Knitting Sutra: Craft as Spiritual Practice, and I do generally believe in the meditative qualities of knitting, and I may be grouchy, but one line early on about how people back in the day had all of this leisure time to knit (and I'm paraphrasing here, and it could have even been in the introduction) rubbed me the wrong way. Perhaps I'm merely in no mood to read about how other people interpret this whole Zen-craft business. Perhaps I'm letting the details get in the way of the gist - but I've watched the 1900 House and I sure didn't see any leisure time there. I suspect that things are always a certain level of busy in our lives, that we, as productive humans, tend to see a gap in our time and to fill it with something that serves a purpose. I think we tend to romanticize other eras, which might only serve to pessimissitize our view of our current circumstances. I will probably give the book another try later on.

Last night we went costume shopping for LaLa. We were all set on her being a doctor. Then a chicken. And we ended up with Blue. Not Blue from the costume shop, which it's hard to swallow paying $20 or more for a costume that is made out of gag-me-with-a-spoon-flame-retardant-velveteen that doesn't fit and rips easily. Blue from the fabric store. $34 in materials, plus who knows how much in time. I just did some math, and it was an unsettling number if I only spend 3 hours on the costume. Not counting fringe benefits. Ugh. I started looking at the pattern, and I'm already stripping it down. No shoes, no mitts. Hey - it's Florida, it'll probably at least 77 out when we go trick-or-treating, there's the crazy dog hat, which who the heck knows if she'll even wear. This is the pattern I meant for us to get. Scrubs. Like pajamas, but made from broadcloth.

This is the pattern we ended up with. We're doing the lower left view. Blue shaggy fleece, with purple shaggy fleece for the contrast color (see the pink tummy.)

I need to go figure this Blue business out now.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Selective Logging

I have SciAm in my blogline feeds. The headline, "Selective Logging Fails To Sustain Rainforest" caught my eye. Because it looked like mixed metaphors to me. I thought it was software-related. I half thought it was related to software logging (I work on the install of a very large piece of software, and I had a defect in my queue today related to the install logger.) And I also half-thought it was related to posting comments on blogs. It took quite a while for me to realize that it was related to trees. Live plants. Organic material. Not silicon. Not ones and zeros. Nothing you can represent in hexadecimal. Although you could make a pretty picture of it with ascii art.

Truthfully, though, everyone in my house is sacked out. My MIL snoozes on the couch. LaLa and DH fell asleep watching Thomas. I just sent the monkey to bed a little while ago.

I'm plum tuckered myself. Yesterday I almost made it through the first heel. I can't decide if it's still too soon to do the heel or if it's OK because Marilyn's feet are smaller than mine. The second half of the heel was way wonky, where it climbs up the ladder, as it were. I caught on to the directions on one side, but not the other, so I frogged that puppy back to where you have the smallest number of active stitches, and I'll try turning it later. I don't think I'm up for that kind of mischief right now. I think I'll start a washcloth and watch some TV.

Tomorrow, I'm taking LaLa to go meet Clifford at WMFE's open house. We're also keeping an eye on Wilma. Right now it looks like it's heading more toward my sister than me, but who knows. We're also going to go to the fabric store and/or costume shop - La is planning to be a doctor this year, and we need to find or make us some scrubs.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

You know it's time to retire when....

You mess up stockinette stitch. It might be almost time to turn the first heel of the first sock. I couldn't wait, so tried it last night. The second time I got a garter ridge, it was time to quit. Not being able to remember how far across the row to knit should have been my first clue. I'll probably end up ripping out the heel and knitting a few more rounds, then heel-turning. (Kind of like ankle-watching.) I may have started the heel too soon. I think the heel is of the short-row variety (e.g. it should look like the heel of COTS socks.)

I can never get the first heel done on the first try....maybe one day.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Going Non-Linear

Well, I started Aunt Marilyn's socks. I went with Wiseneedle's "Toe up socks in four sizes" found on her pattern list, here. I'm about halfway up the first foot. It turns out the Sirdar Snuggly is a DK weight, which was not the weight of the sock patterns that I found interesting, and I was not up for doing sock-math. I'm doing a spiraling rib pattern across the top of the foot, and will continue it up the ankle. One of the beauties of knitting in the round is that while the whole pattern is a multiple of four, this part is 22 stitches, which, in my book is almost prime. (1x22, 2x11) There are not many stitch-patterns that would work without a remainder. However, in knitting in the round, I'm always starting from the same side, so it's working out that it's over 22 stitches and not 24, without a lot of thinking. We like that.

I went a little non-linear this weekend. I took Saturday afternoon and went to MetroOrlando's main LYS, a little shop in Maitland. They moved even closer to our house. It's a cute location and they seem like they have a lot more yarn, although it could be an optical illusion. I accidentally spent $170. (4 skeins of Noro Kureyon for a Booga Bag, yarn for 3 pair of socks, a skein of $22 Nepalese rayon for a scarf for Aunt Marty for Christmas, and 3 skeins of some kind of wool that was not quite a solid color and not quite a solid texture, in rust, red, and yellow, and 3 skeins of lamb's pride worsted and 1 skein of Cascade 220, just because I liked the colors for those last 7 skeins, oh and a booklet about sock making).

It would have been one thing if I had "quit while I was ahead" as it were and gone grocery shopping like I was supposed to. But I didn't. I went to Hancock Fabrics where they were having a really good sale. Perfectly good discontinued yarn in for 30% off. I got 3 skeins of wool-ease, 6 skeins of cotton-ease, 2 skeins of something really chunky, and 1 skein of yellow baby yarn (Jamie?) And some fabric too - polar fleece and flannel to make blankies and hooded towels for a couple babies to be. $66 there, which I had to think was a good deal, since they were having 10% off the whole store.

The DH was none to pleased either to discover giant bags of fiber in my trunk nor to hear that I spent $230 on it. Actually, I was a little disgusted too, once I got home and saw the sheer volume of the purchases. Especially when I sat it on top of my box from Elann (of yarn I didn't really need, but just wanted to try out the store)

There's a certain irony in spending an enjoyable afternoon loading yourself up with yarn for projects that will last you probably through next year if you are steady about it or decades if you let them fester.

As a result of this giant purchase, I had to purge my current stash. I threw out a bunch of yarn. It was my Grandma Mercier's. A lot of it was acrylic that cost less than $1 for a large skein in the early 80's. There was some red-white-and-blue colorway that, I swear, must have been from 1976. Fushia with sparkle. Sticky, half-done projects. I kept about 2 cubic feet, in colors that I like of yarn that is still soft and workable. I was a little inspired by Ryan of the Mossy Cottage, who recently threw out a sweater she was working on, because the yarn was icky and she decided she wouldn't wish it on anyone (paraphrasing, perhaps putting words on her blog. I'll see if I can find a link to the post. OK - it's this one from October 10.) Crap. I just realized that I may have thrown out some perfectly good needles. It does make me feel better to know that the stash has a lot less baggage - and more yarn that I like and know what it is, although now that I'm thinking about it some more, I'm feeling a need to catalog it.

I bet I could write something for has a lot of database potential - fields for the content, amount, gauge, intended project, color, washability, other tags/comments.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

A FO! Hurray!

I finished the socks for Lala last night! See! The second one did turn out to be a quick knit. I haven't shown her the finished socks yet - I didn't want to risk a fit about her wanting to wear them before the ends were woven in. Perhaps I flatter myself.

My order from Elann arrived. Quick service. Soft yarn. Great prices. What could be better?

I think the next thing I'm going to start are the socks for my aunt for Christmas. I have some Sirdar Snuggly in a light blue-gray that I grabbed out of the LYS discount playpen quite a while ago. It just happens to be something pretty close to this aunt's color. I haven't picked out a pattern yet, though. I was originally thinking about some snuggly socks that were in IK - they had a cable down the front, but they take a contrast color for a couple stripes, which I don't really have another color of the same yarn. Or maybe just a generic easy sock pattern. Or, perhaps, Grumperina's Jaywalker pattern.

I'll probably also start tracking down some Christmas ornament patterns - there are the little bears from a recent issue of IK that have potential, I've seen some tiny sweaters that might work, and someone else has made felted balls that might be interesting to adapt to an ornament too. For people who are hard to buy for (e.g. my aunts, uncles, and grandparents) I like to give a donation to charity and a Christmas ornament to them. Last year we got prefab ornaments from Michael's and painted them ourselves.

My other thought is making washcloths and buying gourmet soap (for instance from emmatoolie) who I discovered through the knitting blogs - I can't for the life of me find her blog, but it was a nice one. I've found it a couple times through the random link on the kitting blog's ringsurf list. I have one done and some kitchen cotton to make more.

So these are the projects swirling around in my head (plus I have sock yarn for me, DH, the Monkey and my sister now in my stash, I want to make a one skein wonder for Lala, and I have yarn for the Spork and for the Canteen bag for me, plus several projects on the needles.)

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Which Obsolete Skill Are You?

In knitting news, I found LaLa's first sock when I plugged in her nebulizer last night. It was on the floor between DH's side of the bed and his nightstand. La still seems thrilled by her socks.

DH's red scarf is knitting purgatory. It's not quite TV knitting, but not super complicated. I wish Cascade 220 were a thicker yarn. The size 7 needles are not showing me the progress that I'm hoping for. That's all I'm saying.

I did this quizilla quiz and was too stunned by the results not to post it:

QBASIC screenshot
You are 'programming in QBASIC'. This programming
language (of which the acronym stands for
'Quick Beginners' All-purpose Symbolic
Instruction Code'), which is so primitive that
it cannot easily be used for any purpose
involving the Internet nor even sound, was
current more than a decade ago.

You are independent, in a good way. When something
which you need cannot be found, you make it
yourself. In writing and in talking with
people, you value clarity and precision; your
friends may not realize how important that is.
When necessary, you are prepared to be a
mediator in conflicts between your friends.
You are very rational, and you think of things
in terms of logic and common sense.
Unfortunately, your emotionally unstable
friends may be put off by your devotion to
logic; they may even accuse you of pedantry and
insensitivity. Your problem is that
programming in QBASIC has been obsolete for a
long time.

What obsolete skill are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Sunday, October 09, 2005

YAKU - Yet Another Knitting Update

Things are just plugging along. So far I've resisted the temptation to start something new - like another washcloth. I've had a craving for a quick turnaround project, but also had the presence of mind to remember that LaLa's second sock should be a quick turnaround project, especially if I wrote down the dimentions and row counts of the first sock, which I wrote down all of the numbers up through the rows of the heel flap and the number of stitches to pick up for the gusset. The length of the foot, I can figure by side-by-side comparison. Lucky thing because I lost the directions just after picking up the heel stitches for the gusset.

I'd like to find a (free) pattern for a flower-shaped face cloth. Like this one. I came across this fancy star shaped one on the knitlist. I'm finding that I'm quite the consumer of the public domain/freeware pattern. Not that I have anything against selling patterns. I'm just cheap. The wealth of patterns out there is pretty amazing. The "ruffles" scarf is a good example. I first saw it in blogland as a product of the ubiquitous Scarf Style book. More recently, I've seen a clone (to use a PC term) on KnitPicks, called the Potato Chip scarf. The Crystal Palace Fizz-Dust Cork Screw Scarf is very similar looking.

I'd also like to pick up some shoes specifically that fit my handknit socks. The only ones that fit are my clunky white sneakers, and with red socks, even in a casual office, this is not the look I'm trying to achieve. I've also been seeing pictures around of people who have cool mules/slides/clogs to wear with there socks. Major Knitter has some. And someone else had Birkenstock Mary Janes. Since this is Florida, maybe some Birkenstock sandals or clogs would be appropriate. I'm seeing a lunch hour at Ross in my near future.

La and I both have sore throats and stuffy heads. She doesn't have school tomorrow, so I'm staying home with her. I'm feeling addled, and I'm not sure if it's the cold or the medicine (or both). There's some stuff that I'm worrying about with my MIL. She has AD and lives with us. I'm not sure if she's sick or if it's time to adjust her meds again. She's been a little more aggitated than usual. She does have a cough and thyroid meds are being adjusted, so there are a lot of variables. She's got doctor's appointments this week, so hopefully things will be resolved soon. Yesterday afternoon she put on her turtleneck, got her photo albums and was ready to leave - when the monkey caught her making a break for it. This is not her normal behavior. Today she took it upon herself to rinse dirty dishes and put them in with the clean ones, which she hasn't done in a while. I'm just not sure what's going on there. The popcorn frenzy will ensue soon too - order forms are due at the troop meeting on Monday. Then I need to do the math and figure out the rest of our order and if we need to return some popcorn.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Slow news week here

But let me blog about it.

I made my first order from Elann today. Got yarn for two pairs of socks. One for the monkey(olive), one for my sister(pretty blue). Peruvian Highland Wool (Purple, Olive, and Navy) for a Spork. Two skeins of organic cotton for nothing in particular - thought I'd try dying them with RIT. Four skeins of denim. One in each color. Again, for nothing in particular, but someone on Mason-Dixon Knitting speaks so highly of denim (although it's probably rowan denim or something fancy like that) that I couldn't resist it.

The "random" feature on the various knitting rings is super-fantastic. That's how I came across the spork. It's a felted courier bag pattern by Larissa Brown. Calls for Lamb's Pride Worsted, but I was ordering from Elann and there were lots of colors of that Peruvian highland wool to choose from. Which is a yarn that I'd learned of (in fact, Elann as a whole, I had learned of) via other knit-bloggers, too numerous and too randomized to mention.

Now, when I'm picking out colors on the internet, and the shades are in whatever order on the screen, I have a lot of trouble figuring out how to see how the colors would look together. I was doing this on my lunch hour at work, so I didn't really have an super-spiffy graphics programs at my disposal or anything. But I had an epiphany. I copied the images and pasted them into MS Paint. Then I would grab the next potentially good color and paste it in next to the first and try it out. OK. It's not as good as holding the two yarns next to eachother in a LYS. However, it takes a lot of the guesswork out of picking out colors for a multi-color project. Which was the whole point. I went through a lot of spork iterations before settling on the purple-olive-navy. I wanted the colors to be balanced - that the spork (such a fun word) wasn't left off balance with dark purple on one side and something much lighter on the other.

Got a few more inches done on the laptop case. 50" seems so long when you're doing cycles of stripes that are only 20 rows long. But it seems to be coming along slowly but surely. It's been a couple days since I had a chance to knit. Speaking of...I'm going to leave the dishes in the sink, get MIL in the shower, and go knit me a few in front of the TV.

Monday, October 03, 2005

More upgrades!

I ordered an LCD monitor and new speakers from Dell Friday night. Had them shipped to DH's work, because I couldn't figure out my work mailing address. It involves a post-stop. I know my post stop, but I'm not sure of the physical address. Sad, isn't it? DH came in from work all feisty but wouldn't tell what it was. I was guessing a thousand things - was it good dirt, did he get a promotion, etc. He wouldn't let on. I took the monkey to his Boy Scout meeting and on the table were two nice boxes from Dell! Their free shipping is awfully fast!

I finished La's sock three times this weekend. The first time, I got it all done, bound off, cut the thread and it was too short. Frogged the toe, knit about a toe's length, then knit the toe again. The second time, I didn't cut the thread and let the La try it on. It was just fitting. Decided she's not even three, her feet will probably grow, maybe I should make it longer. Knit another toe's worth and then did the toe, bound it off, and cut the yarn. Now it's about a centimeter too long. She'll grow into it, I guess. Sadly, she wanted to try the second one on right away too. I've done maybe 5 rows on it. It was a fun knit, but it was hard to start the second one. She really seems to like the sock.

Other things seem to be progressing, but slowly. Didn't get a lot of knitting done this week, I guess. Although, I did get a few rows added on most projects. I guess it's a lot like credit card debt, where it's hard to finish them if you've got too many going on at once.

Tonight, probably not much knitting. Instead, I'm going to pull a pile of papers and go through it to see if I can find a missing bank statement for the paperwork for my MIL's guardianship. It's time to file the annual paperwork for that. Somehow I've got all but August 04(probably turned that one in with last year's paperwork) and March 05. With my filing system, I'm pretty impressed that I was able to track down that many - they were in three different locations so far.