Sunday, April 20, 2014

mixed results

First the bad:

The girls requested elf shoes.  I got La's knit and in the process of knitting them we ended up with a new high efficiency washing machine.  I was afraid they wouldn't felt at all so I threw them in with a ton of jeans, towels, etc., and the slippers on heavy duty on hot.  Dude.  They felted so much that they are no longer three dimensional shapes (e.g. not even Flat Stanley could put his foot inside them.)

elf socks

The second thing is awesome, except that it is pre-k sized, but a great proof of concept.

I cast on a hat at a meeting using some leftover Cascade Superwash 220, 72 stitches on a size 6 needle.  I used 3x3 rib and then switched to stockinette when it seemed like time.  Once I got home, I realized I should try Cambria Washington's Missionary Hat.  It's a pattern she worked up when making some hats for LDS missionaries in her area of New England.  Haven't figured out what I'm doing with the hat yet.  Default position is donate. 

Oh, and I sort of made it in Florida colors - a cross between University of Florida and the Miami Dolphins. 

I really like how the inside turned out too - I had no idea it would be this pretty on the inside.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Targetty is done!

We've talked about this before, I think, where the key to finishing something is working on it.

I started this in October 2013.  The pattern is Targetty (rav), by Melanie Berg.  I bought it as part of the K*tog (knit all stitches together) package of patterns to benefit people affected by the tornadoes in Moore, Oklahoma.  I finished it this weekend, after a car wrecked my kids' former daycare, binding off at a baby shower for my in-law's.  You can only follow so many connections, before eventually, one will take you out of the tunnel.

The yarn is Cascade Heritage Silk.  The pattern was nice to knit - simple enough.  The rows at the end were super long, which made it kind of sloggy there.

I didn't make the increases in the same style as in the directions, but whatever.  I like how it came out.  It is definitely not mistakeless, but should stay put together with normal wear and tear.

When I finished it, it reminded me of someone sweet, so I gave it to her mother.

Targetty is done!



Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sometimes you need a new hat.

I had two trusty hats.  Had is a key word here.

1.  Rib A Roni.  Paton's wool.  a little too long, but keeps my ears warm. 

Ribaroni Hat

2.  A washable, easy care Hurricane hat from Plymouth something or other.Hurricane Hat

I was packing to go to camping training last weekend and couldn't find either.  They are either around somewhere or they fell out of my pocket on a cold day.  Either was an opportunity to make a new hat. 

I went with the little scallops hat that's floating around pinterest.  I used handspun leftover from my mittens (so the coordinate!) and some Malabrigo worsted that I bought with no particular purpose.  If you knit the free version of little scallops with worsted or Aran weight yarn, it scales up to a grown up size.  The pattern is a little pixelated at that scale.  Otherwise, your goal is a multiple of 8 to work the chart. 


And the bonus?  It coordinates with my mittens. 


For my next trick, I'm starting to think scarfy.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Mittens and More Mittens

After making mittens for El, I kind of went nonlinear making more mittens.  The pattern was good, it was pretty portable, it makes a dent in the sock yarn stash and I wanted to see how the color combinations work together.  I went with the 10-year-old size numbers in the pattern. 

Pair number 1: 


Pair number B:

Third Pair:

Notes:  Annie's Mittens, leftover sock yarn scraps, size 4 needle, in the CO 36 sts size, probably destined to Afghans for Afghans.