Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Spiral Rib Hat

Thanks to Chloe who asked for the Sprial Rib Hat pattern that I made for my nephew! Here it is - let me know if you find anything dodgy.

Spiral Rib Baby Hat

Spiral Rib Hat (by Cathy Ngo)
The hat is composed of three parts - a ribbed brim, spiral ribbed middle, and plain stockinette crown. A newborn hat should be 14-16" around. Select yarn and needles to give an appropriate gauge, and cast on a multiple of 4 stitches that will give the desired circumference on double pointed needles or a 16" circular for bigger hats. The hat ends up being pretty stretchy.

BRIM:Join in the round, mark the beginning of the round, and knit in K2P2 rib until the hat is an inch long.

SPIRAL RIB:Repeat these 8 rounds until the hat measures about 4-5" when it stands on the table. It probably won't matter which of the rounds is the last for the section.
(repeat the pattern for the whole round)

R1: K1 P2 K1
R2: K1 P2 K1
R3: P2 K2
R4: P2 K2
R5: P1 K2 P1
R6: P1 K2 P1
R7: K2 P2
R8: K2 P2

STOCKINETTE CROWN:Find a number from 7-11 that divides evenly into the number of stitches. Call that number "n"

PSSO = Slip 1, knit 1, pass slipped stitch over.

R1: *PSSO Knit (n-2)* repeat across round
R2: knit across round.
R3: *PSSO knit (n-3)* repeat across round
R4: knit across round.
The swirls of the decrease lines should appear to be a continuation of the spiral rib. Continue this pattern until you are knitting 4 stitches between the PSSO's.

R1: *PSSO K3* repeat across round
R2: *PSSO K2* repeat across round
R3: *PSSO K1* repeat across round
R4: *PSSO* repeat across round.
You should have (cast on)/n stitches left.

Cut yarn and thread it on to a yarn needle. Run it through the live stitches twice around, in the reverse from knitting direction, tighten and secure. Weave in ends.


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Hey - thanks for the pattern! I just finished one. My spiral went the opposite way, but it turned out fine.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing this pattern.
It is a treasure and I love it.
I make several every year since you first posted your pattern.