Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A hat kick

I have no idea what I've been knitting this semester.  I just know that right now I'm on a hat kick.  Portable, easy, uses stash, haven't made one in a while, short attention span.

First I grabbed a skein of some kind of Donegal tweed that I got from my neighbor who was de-stashing (and wound it).  And I just kind of started knitting a hat on size 7 needles.  

I took a sleeve from an abandoned sweater and worked in a stripe, with the method from Cambria's Missionary Hat pattern.

Soccer hat in progress

Finished in a couple of days.  I'm sure it'll find a home at some point.

Soccer Knitting (Hat) - Done

So, keeping the same needles in my bag, I grabbed a skein of Lamb's Pride Worsted and took it to skate night.  With this hat, I've had some trouble with division and remainders and fitting patterns into factors of the cast on number.  81 is not a great number for a 3x3 pattern.  So then it got reduced to 78.  

Scallop hat at skate night

It turns out the factors for 78 is 6x13 (or for prime factors - 2x3x13), which was not overly helpful when I tried to figure out the scallop pattern.  So there's a long, oddly shaped scallop at the beginning of the round.

Scallop hat

The dark blue is some kind of "regular wool" from the stash.  Probably Paton's Classic or similar.

That hat is on the decreases now and will probably be finished by the end of the week.

What's next?  Probably another hat.