Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Post #2!

Finished the fringe last night on Seed #2. The seed stitch scarves are from Hip to Knit by Judith L. Swartz. The two-tassled hat and seed stitch scarf for Amelia but modeled by Josh down below are also from the book.

Now....a hat or scarf from the rest of the patriot red. Decisions...decisions.

I found the felted bag that I want to make. It's from Knitty - the French Market bag.

I also found a knit along that looks fun. I saw a man-hat-along, but it's ending in less than a week. Bummer. Perhaps when I'm ready to knit RedHat, there will be something else along or I can find some other like-minded knitters. So...the one that I found is a sari-a-long a very pretty scarf made from recycled sari silk. That's two projects in the queue for me (my first projects for me ever). I'm making myself wait to get the yarn until after I finish the heirloom pink orphan sweater, PatriotRed #2, RedHat, and FrenchMarketBag. Well, maybe I can work it in before the French Market bag.

Since the stuff next takes either research or knitting tonight. I got a new episode of Cooking Light, and Grocery List Day is tomorrow.

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