Sunday, March 27, 2005

Bunny A Long! Happy Easter!

I just now signed up for the Bunny A Long, after completing a pink and a blue bunny - for each of the baskets. The blue one really reminds me of the rats in the Princess Bride bog scene, and the pink one has ears like Piglet. Hopefully they look better to me in the morning. All-in-all, not bad for only starting them both at 11 pm Friday night and finishing them at 12:30 between Saturday and Sunday. So....25 1/2 hours. I used the Easy Bunny pattern from HeartStrings FiberArts.

Last night I also started on a red scarf, potentially for the Red Scarf project. I went with Barbara Breiter's Chinchilla Scarf. So now I've got two scarves on the needles.

My mom sent some more heirloom knitting supplies from my Grandma's stash. Tons of needles. Circs, DPN, straights, all in a variety of sizes and materials (metal and plastic). That grandma of mine was a collector.

Happy Easter, Y'all.

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