Saturday, March 05, 2005

One more hat almost done!

The purple hat to go with the seed stitch scarf is almost done, It turned into a stockingette stitch rolled brim thing with a nice decrease to shape the top and a couple of stripes of the varigated seed scarf yarn, probably a little too high up. Got the finishing/decrease directions from Hip to Knit. Just need the ambition to sew that puppy up - that's my least favorite part of it all.

I think I settled on a pattern for DH's redHat. London Beanie. I saw someone else refer to it in a blog somewhere, and decided that it's the one. But, I don't have the prescribed needles. Just took an inventory. I'm suprised by what I have and don't have. So I ordered me some new ones from yarn market. Bamboo Crystal Palace ones. Some DPN and circular (16" - so I can use them on other hat projects). I want to get this "in the round" business figured out. I also picked up some navy blue for the stripes. Should be a pretty eye-catching hat. Hopefully in a good way.

In the mean time, I'm going to use up some yarn doing Warm Up America squares and probably send them to Major Knitter She's so excited about the project, that I just can't resist. Although, they're probably still collection the squares at Michael's.

Oh, and speaking of charities! I found a place to send the two seed scarves and coordinating hats! Interweave Knits has a charity page, and the Sunshine Foundation will give the hats and scarves to people who need them. So, this is good. My plan is coming together! It was really hard not to buy more yarn when I was shopping for the needles. I looked through a secret stash box and was surprised by what pretty, soft yarn leftovers I had. Now I kind of can't wait to use them. Also looked through the Scarf Box patterns last night. I've been seeing lots of these being knit up around the blogs, and now I'd like to try some of them too!

OK. Let me fix up these links, and I want to go finish my first rectangle.

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