Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Red Scarf Done!

I took my red scarf off the needles yesterday. I need to weave in the ends and send it to Lisa the project owner. Hopefully someone wants my scarf.

I promptly started BonBon from a back issue of Knitty today at my secure coding training. It was delightful stockinette therapy. I have to say that I might be a Stockinette Avenger. [I grabbed the button from Now Norma Knits.] BonBon is in Crystal Palace Big Net, recommended by the pattern author as a good substitute for the original yarn, which is now difficult to find. I think the Big Net is going to work out well. It's going to be a mother's day gift for my mom. I think I'll find some yummy bath gell or bubble bath to go with it.

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Pope Benedict XVI said...

What a nice gift.