Saturday, May 21, 2005

The superwash is here, some frogging, and more

1. The superwash is here, the superwash is here! Now I really want to get my sister's FMB done so I can start the blankey for our friend Quatro. Sorry Dulaan kids - Although I do have two sweaters going right now, I might have a spectacular box for next year. It's so much easier to knit things for the people you love, well, to me it is. Oh! The colors are dreamy, and I think it'll be really nice and soft. I'm holding a pale spring green together with cream, and using #11 needles. I'm using the regular knit on a bias dishtowel pattern. You can look at it here for free, although it was in one of the beginning knitting books I saw last time I was in Borders. Cheesy, IMHO because it seems like it's just about public domain at this point. Mine will be sans-hood. The other color I got was a pretty...hmm...between an ocean blue and robins egg blue. A little bright, but nice. Was planning to knit a sweater for Quatro too.

2. I frogged Tie One On (T1O). For one thing, I dont think I had enough yarn - the wool/silk blend I was using was much more dense than what the pattern called out for, and was very stretchy - so it wasn't getting very tall - so the other thing was that it just didn't look right. However, I very much liked the two-tones of purple held together. I think it might end up being nice as a scarf - I'm thinking Wendy's lantern scarf, perhaps.

An embarassing story about the baby blanket - I was so jazzed to start it - I wound up a ball of the two yarns together, and so far I started it twice. Um. Once because I was so tired, I was making mistakes in my pattern (forgetting to increase), and the second time because I realized that I couldn't quite remember the pattern. Luckily, I had emailed the link to myself. This is embarassing to me because (1) I've made at least 4 of these blankets before [they are the best thing ever!] and even taught my mom how to do it and (2) it's such a simple pattern.

Other progress - I'm at least halfway up the back of the toddler sweater I'm working on at work. We had a lunch and learn about innovation, and I innovated me some knittin'. It was a really interesting topic - there are so many levels to innovation - incremental innovation (release number 123.222 of a given product), paradigm shifting innovation (web browsers), solving a specific known problem innovation (microsoft windows updates), using technology in a whole new way innovation (napster and other file sharing technologies, flash animation, etc).

My sister's FMB is coming along. I'm about 3/5 to 4/5 of the way to the number of stitches in the body, and so far the quarters are still pretty symmetrical. I was shocked and amazed, and promptly started doing increases in a knit row, and not even in the first quadrant. I think I've recoverd from that, though. Knock on wood.

My other Dulaan toddler sweater is coming along. I brought it to our Cub Scout/Boy Scout district adult leader recognition dinner, and knitted while we waited to eat, and more during the awards portion. I had to keep putting the knitting aside to applaud was the only thing. Fortunately some of the presentations were pretty verbose. It's amazing how active some of the parents are in scouts. Having active parents really helps improve the quality of the program for the boys. My co-worker, and our Bear-now Webelos 1 leader got best a best den leader award with a nomination from one of the parents - a parent who moved way the heck to the other side of town. She (the winner) doesn't think too highly of a bunch of adults sitting around handint out awards and patting themselves on the back, so they had to tell her that the Pack was getting recognized in order to get her to go - wah-ha-ha-ha. A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent. In the end, she seemed touched by the award.

I signed up to do Secret Pal 5! Should be interesting, and a good way to get to know other bloggers out there. There are tons of people signed up already. I also signed up for this knit something for me thing, (Just for Me KAL) but I haven't figured out how to post anything and tell my story. I guess I could, um, email the hosts. They seem nice and I don't think they'll tell me to RTFM.

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