Thursday, May 26, 2005

YAKU. Yet Another Knitting Update

Well....we made a milestone on the FSU FMB - we made it past the increases of the bottom - now we're at the band of base color before we switch to the main side color.

I couldn't resist starting the baby blanket for Quatro. It's such a springy color - like a bag of green grapes, it is.

The two little sweaters are sadly negelected, and shamefully, I'm contemplating starting a new project - slicing up as many plastic grocery bags as we have at home (before someone recycles them) to start on my Father's Day Gift - I decided on knitting him a doormat out of recycled grocery bags. He loves the free stuff, what can I say. And I think that conservation is near and dear to his heart, as he would go through the house saying "When not in use, turn off the juice", and turn off the light you were using. Another of our favorites - "When the sun is bright, use it's light!" Another story that says a lot about my upbringing is when my sister, my mom, and I were all off at college, his goal was to get the power bill under $25. I think he got it under $30 ($26-$27 range) - South Florida - no a/c, and I think only using the solar water heater - no active water heating was probably required. This was in the summer.

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