Monday, August 08, 2005

Blog Preview

I have a few blog topics to discuss later - probably tomorrow when I actually boot up my "real" computer that has my pictures on it. Here are the topics to come:

1. A thank you & photos to my SP. I got a lovely gift today - 2 skeins of pastel-rainbow colored yarn (very Florida). They're "sock-sized" balls, Di-ve Cotton Club - 60/40 cotton/acrylic. It's very pretty. A turquoise chibi, 2 bent point jumbo tapestry needles, a slice of gourmet handmade soap (very pretty and a delightful smell), a Tea for Two set which looks like it has professional tea equipment and will make the professional tea from an earlier gift easier to use. It feels like I left something out, but if I did I'll get to it tomorrow.

2. I have photos of the baby blanket that I finished, and I'd like to do a "project report" on it.

3. I did a science project this weekend with felting. I want to make my mom the laptop case from the fall Interweave Knits, wanting to use heirloom, unlabeled yarn, I knitted a swatch and felted it with a load of towels. Two colors out of four felted. The other two, not so much. It was good to know that there was some hope for one of the ones that didn't felt, though, because knitting it was like knitting paste. Blech. But washed it was nice and soft and loveable.

4. That leads me to my Knitpicks order (Man, you really have to order a lot of yarn there to get the $30 order -> free shipping deal.) Also for my upcoming experiment for the baby blanket for my neighbor. My neighbor is newly pregnant - Yay!

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