Thursday, October 13, 2005

A FO! Hurray!

I finished the socks for Lala last night! See! The second one did turn out to be a quick knit. I haven't shown her the finished socks yet - I didn't want to risk a fit about her wanting to wear them before the ends were woven in. Perhaps I flatter myself.

My order from Elann arrived. Quick service. Soft yarn. Great prices. What could be better?

I think the next thing I'm going to start are the socks for my aunt for Christmas. I have some Sirdar Snuggly in a light blue-gray that I grabbed out of the LYS discount playpen quite a while ago. It just happens to be something pretty close to this aunt's color. I haven't picked out a pattern yet, though. I was originally thinking about some snuggly socks that were in IK - they had a cable down the front, but they take a contrast color for a couple stripes, which I don't really have another color of the same yarn. Or maybe just a generic easy sock pattern. Or, perhaps, Grumperina's Jaywalker pattern.

I'll probably also start tracking down some Christmas ornament patterns - there are the little bears from a recent issue of IK that have potential, I've seen some tiny sweaters that might work, and someone else has made felted balls that might be interesting to adapt to an ornament too. For people who are hard to buy for (e.g. my aunts, uncles, and grandparents) I like to give a donation to charity and a Christmas ornament to them. Last year we got prefab ornaments from Michael's and painted them ourselves.

My other thought is making washcloths and buying gourmet soap (for instance from emmatoolie) who I discovered through the knitting blogs - I can't for the life of me find her blog, but it was a nice one. I've found it a couple times through the random link on the kitting blog's ringsurf list. I have one done and some kitchen cotton to make more.

So these are the projects swirling around in my head (plus I have sock yarn for me, DH, the Monkey and my sister now in my stash, I want to make a one skein wonder for Lala, and I have yarn for the Spork and for the Canteen bag for me, plus several projects on the needles.)

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