Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I meant to post yesterday

But I got caught up in pattern lust. The new knitty was out, I got IK in the mail....then started looking at the wraps I've been contemplating from WrapStyle [I really wished I had a pretty wrap or shrug to wear with my fancy Christmas Party dress, cause my puffy winter coat was dorky though warm], then froogling yarn, etc, etc, etc. All of a sudden it was almost 11pm. Otherwise, yesterday was a pretty productive day. I got half of the Christmas cards done and in the mail, I got a couple packages in the mail, and I made a comprehensive December to-do list. This month has and will continue to be crazy-busy. Both kids' birthdays are this month, there are more potlucks than you would care to shake a stick at, most of my family lives out of state - which means shopping early enough to ship, and to top it all off - a big deadline at work, my fast dev machine spent most of last week under the knife, and DH called a half hour ago to say that La-la had a fever and we need to pick her up from school.

To add to the list, I think we found a good place for my AD-MIL to stay, a 6-person ALF in a converted house in a regular neighborhood in SW Orlando. She's currently staying with us and going to daycare at an ALF that's kind of on the way to my work. So, this is all good, except that it means that we need to do the paperwork and figure out all the logistics for a December 15 move.

To get to the knitting, though.....I've made a dent in the mittens, and some progress on some of the other projects. The mittens are, sadly, knit in the flat, although adapting them to the round doesn't sound too hard, and I think I'll try that with the second one (is that bad? I'm really tempted to rip out the first one and roundify it, now that I see what's going on, plus I'm not real happy with how I've joined the yellow and teal for the cuff stripes. It's dorky.

I got some rows done on the IK Laptop Bag, but it's still a long way off. At this point, if I felted it, it'd turn into a clutch. I've gotten some rows done on DH's scarf and my scarf and a washcloth I've been working on at work. One of the disadvantages of the mitered square way that I was knitting is that if you overestimate the number of starting stitches, you may not have enough yarn to finish the washcloth without buying a second ball of yarn. Which is what seems to be happening. Luckily this kitchen cotton is not going to break me.

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krista said...

You and I both, swimming in the pattern lust.

I am knitting "branching out" and that damn lacy scarf is moving at a snails pace.