Monday, December 19, 2005

Just a quick update

I finished the second mitten! It only took the weekend to do - kind of amazing how fast the second one goes once you figure out what the plan should be. Just have one little end to weave in, some photographs, and some wrapping paper.

My folks got here last night. It's really nice to see them. I had my mom try on the mittens. I think they'll work fine. I saw the scarves that I made for them about 5 years ago. They must use them - cause they sure are tired looking. So, added to my queue. I had my dad pick out some stash yarn. He picked a nice green that came from his mother's stash. That's kind of nice, isn't it? And I've been trolling for scarf patterns. I think Mom's is going to be seed stitch and dad's will be one of those funky ribs - where it works through the magic of the least common denominator and the remainder. Or, I'm thinking of adding in a second color and making a sideways scarf. Or that zig-zaggy one from scarf style. I'd need to add a second color to make that one look right too. Probably will just do the fancy rib, though.

I'm having trouble settling down to figure out what to work on next. Here's what I've got:

On the needles: Scarf for me, scarf for DH. I really want to get these done, otherwise they will fester on the needles, hogging up perfectly good needles and knitting bags until next winter.

To Do: mittens for aunt, scarf for cousin, scarves for Mom and Dad, wrap/shrug for me, and LaLa has put in for some yellow mittens. Plus it'd be nice to work in some charity knitting (Dulaan, Linus, etc) Oh, and blankies for my neighbor, my sister, and a college buddy. Two boys and one unknown.

I think the game plan is to finish the two scarves, then mittens for the aunt, then the three scarves, then the three blankies. I've booked us an Alaska cruise in June. Is it wrong to start thinking about the airplane knitting already?

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