Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Yarn is not Cursed!


The yarn I originally bought for Clapotis, but got stymied, then tried to wing it on a couple other schemes (one with short row shaping, one that was feather and fan with about 5 or 8 repeats across)......I was ready to give up and just make a felted bag from it.

Now it'll be the Bell Sleeve Shrug. It is gorgeous so far, and it's a delightful mindless knit. I'm marking the decrease rows with a loop of Target yarn. I just finished my third decrease row. I'm knitting it in the round - cause I don't think I could stand to do that much back and forth stockinette. It's gorgeous. It's nearly mindless. I think it'll fit. What could be better?

My game plan is to knit in the round 21"then switch to back and forth, then hopefully switch to "in the round" to finish it up. Hopefully, I get the transitions in the right place. I'm planning to err on the side of caution, so that there might be minimal seaming, but not so much.

So much for finishing up one of the scarves before starting something new. But this shrug was not so much speaking to me as shouting impatiently, in the voice of my three year old. Oh, and I priced some yarn on elann, and I can make the shetland triangle for $18. I'm really having trouble not ordering the yarn. There's some tempting yarn on KP for another wrap, but it'll be about $50 for the other wrap I want to make. Maybe Elann has something suitable.

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