Thursday, January 12, 2006

Photo Updates!

I took a whole bunch of WIP and FO pictures, long overdue. Let's see what we got.

1. These are the Grandma M. mittens for my cousin. My husband deftly pointed out that the difference between my knitting and Grandma's is that my chevrons are upside down. Hmm. I might be knitting wrong. There was kind of an inspirational post on Frog It! and I think I might be of the same school of wrong knitting (my socks twist too. In fact most of my in the round stuff has a slant to it). These are going to be "fraternal twin" mittens. Hopefully they don't turn into big brother-little brother mittens.

2. This is my purple seed stitch scarf and my fat dog Tiger. I still have to weave in the ends, of course, but it's otherwise done. I really like the Esther Williams hat out there, but don't think I have enough yarn to make one. I think I'll end up finding something at Headhuggers to go with it.

3. This is the start of a pinwheel baby blanket for my nephew to be. I think I'd also like to make him a hat and some washcloths of the same motif. It's currently on hold, waiting for more needles to get here from Patternworks.

4. This is the start of my bell sleeve shrug. The top picture is more indicitave of the color. See that tropical weather situation right at the elbow???

5. And lastly, a mitered square washcloth. Sugar N Cream cotton in the Faded Glory color, 1 1/2 balls, two dyelots. It turned out to be pretty freakin huge. 50 stitches on a side is too many. I guess now I have a datapoint.


The Silent K said...

verrigated yarn (I know I spelled that wrong) never ceases to amaze me.

Kucki said...

I think the elbow accentuation looks great, but I fear that you might not be able to duplicate it on the other sleeve and then it will not look so good.