Thursday, January 26, 2006

Scarf Country

Well, one good thing about the parallelogram scarf is that it's going quickly. Not being able to see the stitches well is making it challenging, but I'm taking DH's advice and just going on. I'm almost through the first ball of yarn, and it's almost an arm's length. I might need to buy a third ball of yarn.

The scarf for dad, I'm not so sure about either. It's mistake rib. The edges are curling - I think if I used a different stitch count, it would have been better. I think I want to switch to bigger needles. I really like the yarn. Sadly, it's calling out to be made into that leaf scarf pattern from scarf-style. (Backyard leaves?) However, that is just not my dad. The stitches show up beautifully. It's kind of an out-there color for him, so I'm looking for something that's not flamboyant, but shows off the stitch definition. I might turn this into a parallelogram scarf for him too. I just don't know.

I've also been thinking about the yarn I have for a wrap. I have 600-700 yards of aran weight ombre yarn. I guess since now I understand about knitting through the back loop, I can make Clapotis. (I keep wanting to call it clay-pots.) My other contender is the Lady Eleanor entrelac. The color changes are pretty short, so I'm not sure how the squares would lwork. The other thing is that I have about half as much yarn as the pattern calls for, in fact, I don't have any yarn in that kind of quantity. I'm over my shrug obsession. I don't think it would be flattering. I saw a really pretty Kiri on Mason Dixon recently, but I think that the fancy knitting would get lost in the color changes. It needs something simple, as far as knittin pattern goes. The striped and varigated Clapotis were all so pretty. It looks like that's the way this yarn is going.

I'm still a little perturbed about that mitten, so she's still in time out.

Anyway, I've kind of got some knitting blues. I think I need to cast on something for me, that I want to knit. My choices are: (small)a pair of socks (I've got about 4 different sock yarns to choose from for me) (medium) a hat that goes with my beautiful purple wool/silk scarf, maybe some purple mittens that go too - I've got some purple brown sheep wool that I could use for mittens or (large)embarking on a stole or wrap of some sort.

Expect to hear about a new cast-on on Sunday.

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StarzAbove said...

I'm on my second Clapotis (sadly still not for myself) and I love the pattern! Once you get going it's fun. My mom just finished her first one tonight. We went to Starbuck's and drank peppermint hot cocoa and just hung out and knit together - good times!