Thursday, January 05, 2006

An update just because I can

It doesn't seem like I have anything substantial to report, but I feel drawn to the blog nonetheless.

The Bell Sleeve Shrug weather map pooling (it really looked like a hurricane was coming) seems to have cleared up. We're back to something close to a spiral-stripe. I finished the sleeve, although I may have "finished" it too soon. I figure I can always seam it up a little.

DH's scarf is coming along. It's almost as long as my own personal wingspan. It seems like it needs about 2 more feet in order for him to wear it the way he wants to. I'm finally getting into a groove on it. Not sure why it took 4 feet to get to that point.

I finished a washcloth at work. Mitred square. Sugar N Cream cotton in a red-white-and-blue variety.

Haven't really been knitting much else.

At home we've gone from 0 to 60 in a couple days - from the feeling a little ill from all of the slothyness back to the exhaustion of our regular schedules. DH had two meetings last night relating to Scouts, the monkey had one too. DH is in Miami today, drove down at 5 this morning to go to a site visit for work. He should be home by bedtime. I'm trying to get through the opening week of Medicare Part D. The pharmacy wasn't able to give us refills on two of MIL's meds. One was the anti-psychotic. The other was her statin. I'm more concerned about the anti-psychotic, frankly. According to the wizard on the insurance company's web site, all of her drugs were covered, most at "tier 2", which should be a $3 deductable. The insurance company is not answering their phone if you follow the menu selections for people trying to get information on their benefits. I'm thinking of calling the pharmacist and asking if he can run the script again to see if it fixed itself.

Not pertinent to anything, our weather has been beautiful. Crisp, clear days. Highs in the mid-70's (although it's supposed to get cold out for the weekend). The drive in this morning was absoultely gorgeous, especially as I crossed over the Lake Jesup bridge. I saw bald eagles perched on top of the light posts on the bridge. Very neat.

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