Thursday, June 15, 2006

An FO to report! And two new WIP

First the FO. I finished the blankey for my nephew Andy. Here are the specs:

Pattern: Lady Elanor from Scarf Style.
Mods: Started with 10 base triangles and did approximately 6 repeats of tier 1 and tier 2 rectangles before wrapping it up. (with a row of tier 1 rectangles and closing triangles, just like in the pattern). After binding off, I decided the edges needed something, so I picked up stitches along the edge and worked about 5 rows of garter stitch.
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft
Needles: Size 10 circs.

This was my airplane knitting on the way to Alaska. It will hopefully be socks for DH one day. I am going toe up, and I used the "Easy Toe" found at the end of Wendy's Knitty article about toe-up socks. It really did turn out to be easy. And I'm working them on size "1" needles. Which are a little bendy, but I think they're just what I needed. Those green knit picks socks are ripped out. The monkey and I picked out this yarn to use instead. The heels I haven't made a commitment to yet.

This is the sweater I started for a friend's baby. It's yellow garterstitch in a DK weight. Sirdar Snuggly. I figure the buttons can make it go either gender - Lions or Daisys perhaps? Or dump trucks? Or butterflies? See? And I think I'll only put in three buttons (a la Yarn Harlot). The baby should be due in the winter, and the sweater seems straightforward. All in one piece, splitting at the neck for the fronts. I wonder if there's an easy way to make it a "lap shouldered" pullover. I do seem to be having gauge issues. I'm off by about 2 stitches over 4", but I'm hoping that it's an inconsequential rounding error in a garment this size (0-3mos).

You remember my wrap quandary? I resolved it on the cruise by picking up a $10 pseudo pashmina in silver. Oh! And I had a Wrap Style sighting. I was in the elevator with someone wearing Twisty Turns. Now I'm tempted to make it with the Bulky Wool Arucania that I've got on hand. Not sure if it's enough, though.

So, here's a list of what's on the needles (I have this urge to cast on, and maybe this will help)

1. Socks for DH (work knitting)
2. Garter Stitch sweater for a little baby to be
3. Scarf for my mom (wavy from Knitty in turquoise Cascade 220 Superwash)
4. Felted tote from an old IK (laptop bag) for my mom

I really have a hankering to make myself a felted tote. A booga bag maybe? I had a thought that it'd be neat to make a felted tote with a zig-zag stripe (a la jaywalker socks) but would have to figure out how to do it. Probably starting the bottom of the bag like the easy toe (or like the beginnings of the booga bag) and then making it big enough of a bottom and then doing a jaywalker-esque pattern stitch for the sides. It would end up being a "pouch" or cylinder shaped bag, depending on whether the top was gathered. It might be nice if it had buttonholes and you could run a pretty cord through it to make a drawstring/handle.

Well, shoot. If that's all I have on the needles.....and I have an empty knitting bag..... Maybe I'll give it a shot. I really do feel like knitting something for me. :^)

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