Friday, June 23, 2006

So, what I need to be doing is...

searching through the pile of bill statements that I haven't filed since I had to do the guardianship audit for MIL and find the statements for the monkey's orthodontist so I can file a claim with my flexible spending account tomorrow when I'm at work fixing bugs. But no, I'm going to write for a bit on my blog....

This is the bottom of the zigzag bag that I started. This is probably how it looked Saturday night. The bottom went pretty fast. I had some trouble figuring out a zig-zag pattern and getting the number of stitches around worked out. But I did. Here's phase 2 of what I did, just so I won't forget.

Phase 2: ending the bottom to starting the side. I continued doing the regular sets of double increases every other row until I had 160 stitches. (It seemed like a good number and I have no idea how big this will be after I felt it.) Because I should have quit while I was ahead, I ended up increasing to 165 stitches over a couple rows, increasing once at each corner one time through, and once more on the first corner a couple rounds later (or the other way, but I don't think it matters.) I ended up doing about an inch or two of regular old stockinette in the round. Then here's the zig-zag pattern that I settled on (it takes 11 stitches) *k4, kfb, k4, k2tog* Alternate a round of the zig-zag pattern with a plain stockinette round. I had tried it with yarn-overs instead of the kfb and it left holes, so I switched. It took a couple inches to see it, but I'm pretty happy with the zigging and the zagging. If you wanted more of a Charlie Brown zig-zag, I'd work it so that it has double increases and double decreases to get more of a 90-degree angle (maybe *k2tog, k4, kfb, kfb, k4, k2tog*, but I'm just making that up off the top of my head, and that might really be a 14 stitch repeat). Mine is more obtuse, but I'm hoping it concentrates a little in the felting process. Also, I'd say that 14" around (plus zigging and zagging) is probably longer than optimal for the Noro stripes.

I think that the top bit is probably going to end in Cascade 220 in a lovely turqoise that I happen to have in my stash, and I'm still leaning towards some kind of a cord drawstring and gromets or something in the top. Maybe adding gromets (2), then folding over the top to make a casing and threading through a couple of cords. I have a bag that I got when I was little that I'm planning to use as a model for that part. Oh, and instead of the laptop bag, I think I'm going to give this one to my mom for her birthday last December.

I've also (a) cleared off the dining room table somewhat so I can do some sewing this weekend and (b) started working out my freezer paper templates for the quilt for my new niece or nephew.

More baby news - There's a third baby that I know who is due in January. An excuse to buy more flannel! And! Better yet, they live in Philadelphia so they might really be able to use a sweater. :^)

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Cambria W said...

Cathy, thanks for your comments. I see that you're everyday life is pretty hectic too. I did check the rice milk, and there is fortified! I never thought to look there. Thanks alot and may your plate be half as full as it is now.