Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Soylent Green or no Soylent Green

We went and saw my sister, her husband and my nephews this weekend. One of the stories they told was how Robby, the 2 year old, was playing, then suddenly quiet. They found him watching the TV in the nursery. Deal or No Deal. Being 2, and a big fan of "no", he was cheering the contestant on for "No Deal!" So I tried Deal or No Deal with some other words - monkey or no monkey - "No Monkey!" Boat or no boat - "No Boat!" Soylent Green or No Soylent Green. That one stumped him, but LaLa happily volunteered "No Soylent Green. What's Soylent Green?" That'll teach me.

Tonight on the way home from dinner we played the game some more. Soylent Green or no Soylent Green? "No Soylent Green. What's Soylent Green?" she asked. "I don't know." "Soylent Green is people!" she said happily in her cute three year old voice.

I think my CD drive is dying a slow and painful death. The good news is Bob the Builder is out, the bad news is that it wouldn't read the photo CD. I ended up putting it in DH's computer and reading it across the network.

I've turned the heel on DH's first sock. I used the "You're Putting Me On" heel. It's a heel flap for toe-up socks. It doesn't have slip-stitch ribbing, but I think it'll be fine. The leg of the sock is in 3x1 ribbing.

The baby sweater is coming along too. I'm on the last leg - the right front, including the sleeve. It looks like it'll take some concentration in order to get the button holes in the right place and remember to cast off for the sleeve too.

I cut out some fabric for the quilt for the new niece or nephew. I'm still not too keen on the colors. I think it needs something, but am not sure what. This yellow and green is just not very vibrant. This is the pattern that I'm envisioning now, and I think I'm going to add some orange to the yellow and green.

DH traced my sister, my BIL and my nephew's feet for future socks when we were there. LL for my sister and a K1C2 DK weight Merino for my BIL. I think my nephew just wanted to have his feet traced. My sister yelped excitedly when she figured out it was for socks.

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