Friday, October 13, 2006

Not sure where to start

The last few weeks have been crazy here and it looks like it'll be crazy for another week or so, at least. Stuff with the mother-in-law (MIL) is not what it could be. She may have had some kind of stroke or other "event". She's got some sort of pre-senile dementia. That just means that she's too young for it. She just turned 56. I agree. She's too young. It seems to be an Alzheimer's type dementia. She's probably stage 5-6 out of 7. It's such a loosey-goosey scale, though. Until recently, she was at a point where she was mobile, could feed herself (but not able to cut up her meat), her toileting was starting to be dodgy, she answered "yes" to everything, and could no longer name all 6 of her kids, but they still looked familiar to her. She's been in assisted living since January. She hasn't been playing nice with her cohorts at the ALF and has spent some quality time at the Behavioral Health section of South Seminole hospital. They got her "stabilized" and were going to send her to a nursing home for rehab. Rehab from what, I wondered? There were a bunch of things on the list above that she could no longer do. But, they brought her to the nursing home and by dinner time, they were transporting her to a different hospital because she was aggitated. (I continue to be amazed by how many hospitals there are in this town. Where I grew up there was one hospital in the whole county, although they've since expanded.) They did a CT scan and saw evidence of some sort of event. Two events, actually. One recent and one previous to that. There was talk of a follow-up MRI, but DH hasn't heard anything about it yet. The event would account for the sudden loss of ability. So, that's just one thing that's keeping us on our toes. Lots of Boy Scout activities and work and stuff like that. I guess I could start an AD blog. It might actually be helpful and stuff.

But, let's talk about crafting.

1. Here are the jaywalkers for my sister. I turned the heel. Got some good Boy Scout knitting on them this week. They take a little more attention than I feel like giving right now.

Jaywalker Progress

I am craving casting on a stupid stockinette sock. Perhaps one of these.

Sock Yarn!
The Flickr of them has the yarn info. I got them from the "Loopy Ewe" Quick and friendly service. She sent a sample of Regia Silk and Regia Bamboo, and now I REALLY want them. I got these under the guise of getting a cranbery/garnet/FSU colored yarn for another pair of socks for my sister. I thought the mahogany in the middle was going to be that yarn. no dice. However, look what was in my stash:
Lorna's Laces
Lorna's Laces in Gold Hill. Something I ordered but then in person was kind of disappointed. But, the right tool for the right job in this case.

2. Hats and stuff.

I knit a plain hat from Berroco Duo to go with the garter stitch scarf. I think they're cute together. I signed up for the Dulaan 10k and these are 2/5 of my items.

hat and scarf set
This is a really blurry photo, but it gives the gist of it.

LaLa and I went to our neighbor's third birthday party. The grandma (who is the neighbor's neighbor) asked for the pattern for the spiral rib hat that I made for the birthday girl's baby sister. (Could I have explained that in a more confusing way?) So, I typed it up and started a test-knit of it. I mostly can't remember how I did the decreases. This will be for my nephew, so I have something to bring to the shower.

Spiral Rib baby hat

3. And my last knitting photo is of the sweater for the Monkey. Because nothing is more exciting than brown stockinette.

I actually really like the mottleyness of the colors and it's delightfully brainless, although I wish it were easier to see progress. I'm about an inch away from starting some sleeves.

sweater for the monkey

4. Sewing!
I finished the pink, green, and yellow quilt, except for the binding.

Baby Girl Quilt

Baby Girl Quilt

I started cutting out squares for La's quilt. And I have a pair of flannel pj pants for her waiting to be sewn.

La La Quilt

OK. I need to pick up the quilting mess and go to bed.

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Jennifer said...

Lots of prayers for you and for Mom. My father had that same thing (possibly caused by a series of TIA strokes). You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.