Thursday, November 09, 2006

Q is for Quilt (and other updates)

Like I should be in some big rush to get to R. fah.

I've been thinking about "Q is for Quilt" for quite a while now and although I'd like to post about it rather than dilly-dally some more, I'm just not in a mood to write what I want to write about quilting.

I will say, though, that one of the reasons that I took quilting up again was the opportunity for this:

FredBlanket (An action shot of a garter stitch baby blanket I made for a friend's baby out of Cascade 220 Superwash, which is holding up pretty well to lots of love.) and inspired by these (and others, of course):

Favorite Quilts

1. aq, 2. cq7, 3. pcq4, 4. bt2d, 5. Vintage Kitties, 6. Wandbehang, 7. Decke Mai 2004, 8. Decke April 2004, 9. quilt 4, 10. Another Scrappy quilt, 11. mjs 2, 12. 06.24.06, 13. citrus baby quilt, 14. quilt, 15. Bea's bed throw, 16. Charm

Here's the latest of the latest quilts that I've been making. A Chinese Coin quilt that I think I started when I was expecting LaLa. Now I need to figure out the "in betweens" and wether I want to square off the strips or let them be eccentric (perhaps by custom cutting the in between sashing.) Also need to figure out how wide they should be too. (Wider than the coin strips? Narrow like sashing? About equal?) And in looking at the favorites mosaic, it introduces a new idea - of putting a different tone in the middle of the long blue stretches (no. 11?). Then after all that, deciding what to do around the outside.
chinese coin quilt progress

coin close ups

I might need to start using the tripod for pictures.

I sent away for some more material for anothe quilt. Never mind that I have this one, the one for LaLa, the one for the Monkey, and the charm packs that I just got. I saw some stuff I liked at J Caroline Creative that made sense right away and was on sale or short ends, so I got it. Hah.

Here's another big project that's coming along - the sweater for the Monkey. It's moved along even farther than this - I think the collar might be done, but I need to get him to try it on again. Pardon his expression in this photo - he was home sick on Tuesday when I made him take the picture (also pardon me for making the sick monkey pose for a photo for my blog.)

sweater progress

Oh, and I got a couple of totes sewn recently. I really like the grey/polka-dot one. I like the brown and flowered one too, but the grey one I reallly like. I started on #3 and hopefully will get back to it soon.


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Cambria said...

the look on his face is the constant look on my son's face. my husband always teases him that he looks like someone shot his dog and he says "I don't have a dog." Gotta love him.