Sunday, January 21, 2007

Post 252: When size matters

This seems to be the theme for the week.

First, a chemo cap for Kate. Re-inspired by Cara (and thinking of my dad who had surgery for prostate cancer in November - it's hard enough to face cancer when you're thinking about retirement, but when you should be thinking about homecoming? too much.) I used the headhugger's pattern "no hair day" and some unlabeled fuzzy stuff that I'm pretty sure came from Melissa from a prize a while ago. Maybe it fits someone better who is sans hair, but it really only barely fits LaLa (the 4 year old). I don't have a lot of optimisim that it'll fit someone in the target range of 10-16, but perhaps, sadly, they'll have someone small enough for the hat.

Hat for Kate

2. Below the hat in the picture is a square for Larissa of Stitch Marker. It's supposed to be in the 7-8" range. My whopper is in the neighborhood of 9-10. I used Knitpicks Essentials - in the color I like to call "green socks for DH that I never made" others might call it "grass" whichever. I wondered why stitches kept dropping off of my DPN, but I figured that they were just short needles. They were. But it was also a looonngg square. I'm going to send it in anyway- from the latest updates it sounds like size isn't as strict as it once was. It might have been that I used #2 needles that were 3.0mm instead of the #2 needles that were 2.75 mm. I had no idea that 1/4 mm could make that big of a difference. Might be my own personal gauge issues too. Overall, though, I thought it was a neat pattern and would make an interesting giant square baby blanket, sort of like the pinwheel blanket, but maybe more like a giant mitered square.


3. The good news is that my pink and grey socks are finally almost done. Had some good driving time to go see the different babies last weekend. (sorry to anyone who has an aversion to feet.) I really like this yarn. The two socks are really not a super-close match, but I just really like it.

Pink Socks!

4. The quilt for the monkey. I spent some time figuring things out, offered him choices, then spent some more time figuring things out and this is what we've got so far:

Monkey Quilt

I think we're going to use the different yellow fabrics that he picked out on the back (or maybe do sashing in between the blocks) and make it so that the black and white make diagonal stripes. Should be about 25 more blocks to go, but who knows, really.

5. Another quilt - the 30's reproduction fabric with the gray. I think it's going to be 6 blocks x 7 blocks. LaLa seems to really like it, and I think it'll be a couch quilt. Hopefully it ends up being a nice size, although I can always get more charm packs or use fabric from my grandma's stash.

feedsack quilt

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