Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The quilt is bound

bound with red, store-bought bias tape stuff.

bound for a kid who will hopefully like it. Dropped it off at the local collection point for Project Linus this weekend. It's only a few blocks from the go-cart place we went to. That stretch of 17/92 is such a varied neighborhood, I tell you.

lego quilt.  Finished

Here's our view of the shuttle launch last weekend. The neighbor (a couple houses down, I think) have an oak tree that must have been growing. I don't remember it blocking the view so much in previous launches. We'll have to go down to the lake for the next one. This is not long before the booster rockets dropped off.


On the baby front, I'm starting to feel hunger instead of car-sickness when it's time to eat. I figure this is a major milestone. I sewed my first thing for the baby - a flannel recieving blanket.

Next up for tonight? Rebinding La's Bearcat. I'm just waiting for her to be more asleep before taking him from her bed.

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