Sunday, October 28, 2007

Getting Situated

That's what I've been up to lately.

1. The dresser that La and I picked out for the baby is in place (for now). La's is on the left, the baby's is on the right. It might be a candidate for refinishing at some point, but the drawer action is fabulous and it has enough room that it should last until she's ready for college.


2. Finishing up some projects that were on the kitchen table. Turns out chenille looks pretty, but it's kind of tricky to maneuver. Very slippery. Might be worth it to pin-baste, like a quilt sandwich. Frankly, I'm glad I made a good dent in the stash of chenille. The set with the ducks is for a friend that just had a baby in October. The pink hearts is for us. The bibs are from Bend the Rules Sewing, the chenille blankets from Craft Apple.

Chenille gifts Chenille for here

3. A tag blankie for the new baby was on my list too. La loved hers for a very long time and still has a special place for it. Put a check in that box. I "unvented" this concept when La was tiny. The concept is pretty much "Taggies" (which holds their IP near and dear to their heart, so selling these is probably a bad, bad idea.)

Tag Blankie

4. Hooded Towels were also on the list. I was procrastinating these because it's so tough to sew through layers of towel. Ugh. I didn't break any needles but did get some impressive thread snarls. The pink one is the one that a friend of ours made for La when she was tiny. The bottom one is the one for the new baby, the top right is for La - it has a much larger hood. The friend who made these has made them for her three kids as well - it was neat to see them all hanging up in their bathroom when we were visiting. The hood for the small ones takes half of a hand towel, the hood for La's new one took all of the hand towel, up to the start of the decorative woven part. The flowery trim material is from my Grandma Mercier's stash. It's Waverly and about the thickness of a bed sheet. I have quite a bit of it - not sure if she was planning to make drapes or sheets with them.

hooded towels

5. DH added this one to my list this morning. Not sure how it came up but he brought out his knit hat (admittedly one of my early works) and asked about a fleece hat. I had a remnant that I had just opened and found a pattern online. I put it together while he and La were out on a bike ride. His hat was such a success that La requested her own. The pattern was easy to scale down too, although I could have made it a little shorter. Before I took the picture, I had not seen how much she is starting to look like her dad. The picture in the background is one that La made in Microsoft Paint while I wasn't home.

Fleece Hats

Oh, and a moment of zen. Did you know that you could do this with "My Little Ponies"? I walked into the kitchen and found them this way.
Can your ponies do this?

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Rachel said...

Hi! I am a random comment leaver (hope you don't mind, saw you on BTRS Flickr group). I just let out a squeak--I have that dresser! I'm looking at it right now! It was my father's when he was a little boy (Chicago), and he brought it with him when he moved to St Louis...this is the dresser that made me love dovetailing when I was a toddler. Awesome! Hope your little one enjoys it.