Thursday, November 29, 2007

What I did on my Thanksgiving vacation

1. All that fleece? I finished the actual Christmas projects (and am now well into the self-doubt phase holiday crafting) and made this for us:

fleece quilt

It's pretty wild and crazy but should be nice and comfy. DH did the stripe design in the middle. I'm going to put more fleece on the back. Have to measure it yet and figure out if I'm going to piece a back or just get a whole plain piece from the store. I had been thinking about making this from the scraps since the first batch of unmentionables and couldn't wait to get through the second batch so I could figure this little beauty out. Very quick to put together and really satisfying. And, I'm pleased to report that the stretch all runs in the same direction.

2. In other news, we began the big switcheroo. The monkey's room is "empty" (in a good enough for government work sense of the word) and I think it's all painted now. DH has started ripping up the carpet and tack strips and the Pergo is waiting in the hallway. Need to take another progress shot tonight.

La's new room We've been calling it "Miami Dolphins Teal". It's quite a statement.

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