Friday, December 07, 2007

Nearing Commencement

OK. Sort of a random update today:

1. I have an induction scheduled for 12/13, if I need it.

2. Almost no knitting has been going on. I have ambitions, and at the same time doldrums. I would love to make a pair or two of mittens for Soaring Eagles, but I just can't seem to cast on. The last thing I've been knitting was the sleeve for DH's sweater.

3. That fleece quilt project is finished - I found a piece that was just the right size in my stash and lined the back. It's a very popular blanket for couch loungers.


4. The other fleece project (for Christmas gifts) is winging it's way to upstate NY (Schaghticoke and Deansboro). Hopefully it's not tropical weight fleece or something dorky like that. My Grandma Mercier was always skeptical of any wool/winter coats sold in Florida and I can't help being suspicious of the fleece I used. My mother told of her adventures of outfitting my other Grandma with a winter coat, talking about a "stadium length" coat. Had to remind her that I grew up in Florida and had no idea what stadium length is (apparently, it covers your fanny.)

5. There is some sort of Pack and Play fairy out there. One evening, I came home and the monkey had come across the pack and play that we registered for on the front porch along with a box of aluminum cans from two houses down. (He brings them to the aluminum place and makes money off of it.) The neighbors who brought the cans denied knowledge. The other neighbors (in between us and the can-givers) denied knowledge. Our old neighbors who moved around the corner denied knowledge. Our friends who have a boy the same age as the monkey and who live in the neighborhood across the way deny knowing about it. So, we're still on the quest for the pack and play fairy. We haven't asked DH's little sister if she knows about it, but we saw her last night and she didn't mention it. There was no label - to/from, receipt, nothing.

6. La is having her birthday party at Monkey Joe's Sunday afternoon. We are officially out of the "convenient" window for having the baby, until after the party, at least, prefereably until after her real birthday, early next week.

7. I decided since the baby will be born by Dec 13, we could wait and have picture cards made. I found at least 7 boxes (some full, some partial) of Christmas cards in my desk this week and was tempted to send some of those out, but we'll just send out late cards with 3 kids.

8. On the room swap front, the first room is painted, the carpet is out and the slab is partially "evened out" (using some kind of scraper to get rid of high spots.) It's hard to take a picture of it right now.

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