Sunday, June 29, 2008

Another Brown Sweater

Sweater for DH

Not one of the most photogenic projects. But lots of fun to work on. I'm farther than this in real life - I started the second hank of yarn this weekend. It's a great keeping the girls company while they fall asleep project (when most of my knitting happens these days). It's an EZ Saddle Shoulder Pullover for DH, in Cascade 128, on size 9 or 10 needles (can't remember, but it's the smaller of the suggested sizes on the ball band). I have a couple of 2x2 rib columns going up the armpits for "shaping" purposes.


Daisy mum said...

I like the look of your yarn. Is this your first sweater? I am making my first sweater but have anxiety over not being able to read the directions as I go along. So far so good I finished the back and I am working on the front. I am scared to do the rest. Just keep knitting, Just keep knitting I tell myself. The start of your sweater looks great!!!!!

Daisy mum said...

Thank you for the complement. i hope my sweater turns out just as good as yours, and your other sweaters.