Sunday, July 13, 2008

A whole lot of stuff

1. Here's the latest on the switcheroo - the lights from Ikea are hung and so are the bunting. La seems to really like it. I think the next things are: put the baseboards back in, get the girls book shelf into their room, find something to do with the pretend food until the little kid is out of the crib, and get rid of stuff we don't need anymore.

Ikea Star top bunk

2. We've been putting the new quilt my Aunt Suzy made for El to good use:

new quilt in action Baby quilt for El

Click the photos to go to the flicker page and see the whole quilt and the back. The back is this fleecy stuff with whales. Very cute and soft.

3. I've made some progress on the sweater for DH. It turns out the 7 year anniversary gift is Wool or Copper. Who knew? This is the body, using 2 hanks of the wool. I've started the first sleeve. It's still lots of fun (in a mindless way). It's Cascade 128, and I'm making the Elizabeth Zimmermann Seamless Saddle Shoulder Pullover (as described in Knitting without Tears).

Brown sweater for DH

4. No picture for this, but the Monkey is back from Boy Scout camp. Slightly injured in a mountain biking accident. But none the worse for wear. All the boys seemed taller and bigger and stronger as they climbed off the charter bus. Not sure how that works excatly, but I guess it's OK.

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