Monday, August 18, 2008

Kindergarten: Day One.

Today was the big day. We dropped El off at daycare, got her situated. Then we went to La's school. Took the ream of copy paper out of her backpack (that I forgot to bring when we went to Meet the Teacher). In the activity center, we found where her class lines up. Then we checked to see if the cafeteria was serving breakfast. Got her through the line, found out her lunch room code number and that she really did have money in her account. Found a spot to sit, she opened up her cheerios and said, "Bye Mom."
The monkey's first day of high school is today. His bus is scheduled to come at 6:35 am. I did not get up and take a picture before he left.
Dinner should be interesting tonight. Lots of stories. We'll see how tomorrow is.

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