Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Sick Day.

Turns out it's my turn for strep. Call me 3 of 5. While I'm home waiting for the antibiotics to do their's what kind of projects we've been up to. Fair warning - some have had more success than others.

1. This one is good so far. Apparently, according to the resident 5 year old, jewelry boxes are decorated with jewels. Who knew? This revelation required a second trip to the craft store. And the project took a totally different turn that I had expected. Technically this one is still a work in progress - I need to line the inside with fabric. So far, though, it's good.

Jewelry Box

2. This one, not so good. It's a t-shirt and iron-on from the fabric store. I swear to you that I read the directions. I even followed them, until there was no progress, then I struck out on my own and acheived what I'm calling partial success but my daughter, the recipient and Hannah Montana fan, is calling failure. This turned out a little "rock and roll" for her. Will try again soon.

3. Found object crafts. (Again. Who knew?) La and her friend found a not so gently used football at the park this weekend. The bladder was oozing out of a broken seam. They decided that it looked like a baby and named it Isabella. Before lunch was over, she had googly eyes. Not long after, she had hair, then a mouth and nose. She's a cutie. Ended up making a nice bed for her out of a box courtesy of, recieving blankets and a doll quilt. She's wearing a Winnie the Pooh onesie that El outgrew. Definitely a success.

Isabella1 Isabella's Hair Isabella

4. A new sun hat for El. I'm not as happy with this, and it's my own fault for the mods I made to the pattern. It's too wide (and I made the main part of the hat on about 30% too many stitches compared to the pattern). The crown decreases are dorky (because I tried to do something cool but couldn't figure it out and didn't follow the pattern's nice swirly decreases.) Sometimes that happens. I would knit the pattern again, though. It's a cutie.

Sun Hat for Ellie

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