Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We might need a new washer.

I was getting my socks and shoes yesterday and saw this!Error!

In my favoritest pair of socks, no less. At first I was afraid that I dropped a stitch, but there were little ends sticking up, like it got chewed up in the washer. Once the girls were put to bed, I tackled it.

First I got some waste yarn and a chibi needle and threaded it through, at the level of where I could find exposed stitch loops. For anyone trying this at home, I recommend using a straight tipped darning needle. Mine have bent tips, which are nice for some things, but not this. I was worried about missing a stitch - it's just an up-down-up-down pattern through the "V" shaped stitches. The hard part was sticking to just one round.
Sock surgery

Then, snip, snip, snip. If you're feeling brave, cut close to the waste yarn. If you're feeling like a chicken (like me), give it a little ease and then tink/unravel it to the waste yarn. Thread the DPN through the stitches of what seems like one round, using the waste thread for a guide. I think I picked up all the stitches backward, and there were a few places where I kind of dropped a stitch, so on my first round of knitting, I was careful. The other trouble is that the closest needles I could find were 2.75mm. These were knit on 2.25. On this kind of scale 0.5mm is big.

The big break
The green socks are on hold until I finish these. I think I have about 4 rounds, then the toe and done! Just in time. :^)
monkeys to go

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