Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Quilt Show!

I did something fun on Saturday. I went to the Florida Cabin Fever quilt show. Without chaperones.

I bought something nice for me. It's a queen-sizeish quilt. It was at the guild sale table. I kept going back to look at it, surprised that no one had bought it yet. I thought the color-scheme was fab. And the quilting delightful - interesting, but not distracting. I looked at it unfolded on my bed and realized! It's a lot like the picture I tore out of the Crate and Barrel catalog.

new quilt

This one is a quilt top from the same table. It is so lovely on the front and the back. Now I'm spending my down cycles thinking about what kind of fabric for the back. new quilt top

On the knitting side, I'm just working through some stuff. RPM socks for me, fingerless mitts for La, the sweater for DH. Socks for the monkey. Nothing real radical or photogenic. We had the birthday party for the girls this weekend. A beautiful day and a fun party - one of those parties at the playground deals. Pinata. A foam-craft project. Cake. Gifts. Playground. Just right. Some hurt feelings, but not more than could be expected. We're going to work on dealing with it more gracefully. My grandpa is having an adventure - he fell in Burger King recently, then had surgery last week to tie his femur back together. Now he's in rehab. He'll be 90 in May. We'll see how it goes.

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