Saturday, February 21, 2009

Finishing in Feb.

I still do not know how to spell the name of this month. Long name. Short month.

I'm not sure how to describe how things have been going. Not having time to blog. Or to sew. Some knitting. Easy stuff. Lots of bringing people to practices, meetings, the pediatrician's office, running Excel at home to figure out Girl Scout cookie stuff, paying bills, making grocery lists, keeping all the plates spinning.

Here's something I finished this month, though that was a success.

Socks for the monkey. To take this picture today (he's camping), it took a while to find them. Eventually I found them in his dresser. Each sock in a different drawer. Stored dirty. -shrug-.

Finished socks for the monkey

Here's the Ravelry info. Trekking sock yarn, really small needles (2.25mm?), 60 stitches, teenage-boy sized feet. Mostly office knitting (it helps in frustrating conference calls to feel like I have something [tangible] to show for my time.)

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