Sunday, April 04, 2010

wow. Ok. so.....

Happy Easter!

I've been finding time to do some projects, but it's been kind of a whirlwind since Christmas break ended. It's nice to have a few days to come up for air. The kids have spring break this week, so that means just a few less obligations for us.

The weather finally turned nice - here are new bathing suit cover ups for the girls. I saw this caftan at mini-boden and really liked it, but balked at spending the money, and then by the time I went to order it for La, it was totally back ordered. I bought the Sophie Tunic from SisBoom from Pink Chalk Fabrics -an immediate download and used stash fabrics. (woo-hoo!) The pattern was well written and easy to follow. You only need to print the pieces to cut out, but then zip back to the computer to read the next step (not bad if the sewing machine and computer are nearby). La's might be the nicest thing I ever made. El's is pretty good too - The pieces for the 2 year old size are inherently a little fussier because of the size (the same is true of PJ pants patterns too.) I ran into a little trouble with getting the tunic for the 2 year old (El's) around her noggin (20"). Otherwise it fit her well. I fixed it by taking out the topstitching for the front of the neckline, and sewing a little wider neckline - following along the original lines, but with a bit of a margin. I emailed the designers thinking that they may have run into this before and they were really thoughtful in their responses.

Here's La's:

La in coverup

Here's El's:

El in coverup

La wore her's to school the first day it was finished, she was that happy with it. She's not afraid to ask you to make her something, then tell you she doesn't like it. We visited my sister and her family at one of the D*sney resorts and it worked well as a coverup. I've been spending my time thinking about what other stash fabrics I have that would work with this pattern. :)

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