Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

The question this week is, "How do you entertain a child?" I added...."at a restaurant" to mine....

  1. Play "I see something"
  2. play tic tac toe
  3. play "dots" ("squares"?)
  4. color
  5. tell knock-knock jokes
  6. ask a question (what did you dream about? what was your favorite part of today?)
  7. tell a story that you know by heart (three bears, three pigs, gingerbread man, nursery rhymes, etc.)
  8. tell about something that happened to you as a kid (like the time that you took a bite out of all the cookies in the jar and then put them all back.)
  9. teach them a trick, like when you fold a dollar bill in half and half again and turn it around and it's upside down.
  10. play hangman

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