Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ten on Tuesday: 10 things to photograph at the holidays

I've never thought about what in particular I like to make sure to capture on film (or memory card) over the holidays. 

1.  The tree before chaos ensues.  There's something about it that is similar to unused school supplies:  the potential, the anticipation.

2.  The kids at a playground.  There's only so much time that you can spend indoors or around the house.  Even in very cold Connecticut last winter, we went to the playground down the hill pretty much every day. 

3.  Some craft projects.  I usually end up making some of the Christmas presents for some people and I like to blog it later.  

4.  Flowers or other outside stuff.  When we're at the playground.

5.  Cousins/nieces and nephews.  :-)  People playing with new toys together or an unusual pairing working on a puzzle/game together.

Things I do not photograph at the holidays.

6.  The beautiful snow.  I don't think I've seen a white Christmas since I was 6, the year we drove up from Hobe Sound to my grandparents' houses in Whitesboro and my sister and I both got strep throat and my dad swore off snow.

7.  A group family shot.  I really dislike these.  I don't like being in them and so I will not make people assemble for them.  I will go through the effort to make sure I get a decent candid shot of each person instead. 

8.  Holiday lights.  Well.  Sometimes I try.  But they never turn out. 

9.  The Christmas Tree "After".  I always think that I'm going to, but I never do it.

10.  My kids with santa.  The monkey would go visit Santa when he was young.  La did, I think, once.  When she was two.  And she looked like she was on a roller coaster.  I think that was the last one.  We have never even mentioned it to El as a possibility. 


Beth said...

I really like your idea of having a nice candid shot of each person at Christmas.

Nichole said...

Great list! Happy ToT!