Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ten on Tuesday: 10 random things I'm thinking about (on a Monday)

1.  Service Unit meeting this week for Girl Scouts.  I need to remember to print the agendas.

2.  Camporee planning meeting this week.  I need to bring the girls with me.  Hope I get to listen to the meeting.

3.  Wondering how long it will be before it is light out at 7am.  It doesn't feel like morning when the sunrise is after 7.

4.  Hoping I find the awards I bought for Girl Scouts so I can get them prepped for the next meeting.

5.  I finished the only pair of socks on the needles.  Thinking about buying more sock yarn.  Can't remember if I'm looking for 50g or 100g for a pair of socks. 

6.  Wondering if I really want to knit another pair of socks next.  But if not socks, then what?  Needs to be brainless, small, portable, and somewhat long term.

7.  Wondering what we'll be doing on Saturday:  meeting up with lots of family someplace, but no destination is set yet.

8.  The husband's birthday is Sunday.  Thinking about gifts and plans for that.

9.  Wondering what the weather is like.  (It sprinkled on the drive in.  Three rainbows.)

10.  Figuring out when to incorporate a trip to the tarjey. 


Donna said...

Oh I remember those service unit meetings when I was a leader! I giving the girls their awards.
PS - I just noticed you were on twitter. I followed ya!

Teri said...

Oh, go ahead - buy more sock yarn!

kathy b said...

so jealous of your rainbows!!!!

Leslie said...

Can't go wrong with sock yarn so many different things could be knitted.

Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

I'm with the rest of the enablers - nothing wrong with more sock yarn. Generally you want 100 g for a pair of full length socks.