Tuesday, April 30, 2013

10 things I know to be true.

1A lot of days, I wake up before my alarm clock.

2A few minutes later, my younger daughter usually wakes up and either calls me or hops into bed with me.

3I used to be upset about missing that last 5 or 10 minutes of sleep.

4Now, I look at it as a quiet I get to have before the day really starts.

5She will probably always wake up a little before her alarm clock, too.

6But she won't always be calling for me or hopping into my bed in the morning. This is a limited time offer.

7In fact, it probably won't last that much longer. Once she learns how to use the remote herself.

8Even though the kids are 5, 10, and 19, the days are long and the weeks, months, and years are fast.

9If scientists could bottle that phenomenon they'd make some real money.

10This is kind of a weird thing to have on my blog. But you know whatever.   Inspired by this (Sarah Kay - TED talk.)

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