Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tuesday Ten: 10 Things I felt grateful for last week.

I typed in the headline thinking this is going to be really hard.  Stood up, walked away and thought of two important things.

1.  I'm grateful that I found a good daycare - it's not completely without issues or its ups and downs, but in the long run, they like my kids and they work to make sure that the environment is consistent and fair and nice.

2.  I'm grateful for my health insurance (and that I have a good pediatrician's office and a great children's hospital), but through all of that, I was grateful that I was in a situation where the NP says, "I'll call in to the doctor at the hospital and let him know you're coming.  You can stop at home to get a book, but don't take forever." and we can just go do it and only worry about the health part.

3.  It was nice, also, that I could just email my manager and it was no big deal (he has kids the same age, which helps, but he's good people anyway).

4.  Also, I'm grateful that sometimes when it looks like something scary, it turns out to be just a stupid virus.  And that my daughter is strong enough that after a day of bad sitcoms and she's pretty much her old self again.

5.  On the same series....while I was watching the ultrasound of my daughter's abdomen, I realized that a lot of medicine is like putting together a puzzle while wearing a blindfold.  It's amazing that doctors know as much as they know.  I'm amazed.  and thankful.

6.  I'm grateful to the people who are willing to give me a clue, in their professional opinion.  If I'm able to hear them, these can be the things that save my (and others') butt.

7.  Back to preschool.  I'm thankful that the adults didn't have lengthy speeches worked up for the commencement exercises (so that I was able to keep it together for the ceremony) and that they worked up a really clever program modeling the Pete the Cat stories w.r.t. VPK and graduation.  They were rockin' their graduation shoes.

8.  I am grateful that I was finally able to order tires for my car.  This is relatively mundane, I know.  But I need them and I found a tire place that I really like.  It was a much bigger project to find the tires than with the old Accord.

9.  I'm grateful that when I (finally) created a FB page for the blog and shared it out to people I know in real life, no one said anything rude - that I know of.  :-)  That was actually more than a week ago.

10.  (last but definitely not least) I'm grateful to the girls and adults in my Girl Scout troop.  The girls are bright and fun and get along with each other, each bringing something interesting and different to the troop.  The adult leaders are everything I could hope they would be and more.  The other parents are also really excellent - a good blend of being supportive and helpful and arriving on time to pick people up (I'm having trouble describing it - but they're good.)

Some of the things are deliberately oblique.  They are not directly my story, but they should be on the list, at least in my head.


Donna said...

I really need to order tires for my car too. I just keep putting it off due to the cost. That is great that you have such a great Girlscout troop. My troop was such a good mix of parents and kids. When I saw other troops I realized how lucky we really were.

Leslie said...

Medical stuff is scary, glad for your good prospects........I have such good memories of scouting, 50+ years ago.

Rebecca said...

sounds like you've had a scary week or so. glad your dd is ok :)