Tuesday, August 20, 2013

10 on Tuesday. Ten things I know right now (random)

The last few prompts didn't hit me.  This week, the prompter is on vacation.  So, here's ten things I know right now, in no particular order.

1.  National Geographic's web site has beautiful pictures that you can download for wallpapers.  And you can make your own Windows "theme" with them so that they rotate randomly through the day.

2.  Words with Friends accepts the word "HINKY"  (as in, Most of the code I write is pretty hinky.   Or my brakes are hinky. I'm bringing the car into the shop today.)  My spell check, however, is giving me the red wavy line.  It makes me feel better about things that this is a real word.

3.  El started kindergarten last week.  It started rough but seems to be on an upward trend. She has a good teacher and there are things she likes about it all.

4.  Both girls have different (unpleasant) reactions to being anxious/stressed and both come from me.  El is a not sleeper (and nervous tummy).  La is a cranky pants.  I do both.  I have been very pleasant lately.  :-S

5.  La started fifth grade.  She is a safety patrol.  She has good teachers.

6.  We went on a girl planned scout activity this weekend to a local, city-run zero-entry splash/slide pool.  It was really fun -- so worth the figuring out how to get the activity request approved.

7.  Our first meeting is Friday.  I need to find my stuff and prep the awards to give out and write an agenda.

8.  We've got a service unit meeting Monday and then a bunch of school recruitment nights right after.  I've got a little bit more responsibility than I'm used to.

9.  I may have mentioned just how pleasant I am to be around?

10.  I'm almost done knitting a sweater and I started a new pair of socks.

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