Friday, September 13, 2013

Cheap Thrills

Things have been crazy.  Girl Scouts.  School.  Kindergarten.  5th grade.  Soccer.  Teenagers.  The usual.

Yesterday I had a moment of goodness that I wanted to share.  Here's the caveat:  at the same time that I'm so delighted that I have to share it, I don't want to sound bragalicious.  There is plenty of "this is not my best work" that I could be talking about instead.

1.  La got the 2nd highest grade on a science test out of the two classrooms that team-teach together (and the highest out of her "homeroom") and sent it in to work with me to hang up.  As I was hanging it up on my cabinet at work, I realized that my office is a great place to be hanging up good science scores.  They'll really appreciate that here.

Science Test

2.  As El has been working hard to adjust to kindergarten, we've been writing little sticky notes/pictures to put in her lunch.  Yesterday, she wrote a note for my lunch.

lunch notes

Today, this is why I'm glad I didn't eat my young.

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