Tuesday, October 22, 2013

10 on Tuesday: Ten foods that you eat regularly now that were exotic or unheard of when I was a kid

As I mix granola into my Greek yogurt.....

First, let me say that I watched the Jamie Oliver TED talk this morning and now one of my goals is to make sure the girls each have 10 meals that they can make for themselves before they finish high school.  Also, to keep trying to introduce new vegetables because you never know which ones they will like.  And finally, I was ever so thankful that I decided to pack my lunch today.

Also, the things that I eat now that I had never heard of when I was a kid - thinking about why I had never heard of them or eaten before.  Globalization and the inter-webs?  Being a picky eater?  Living in a small town (seriously - we had 2 stoplights until after I finished college)?  Being a kid?

1.  The Greek Yogurt phenomenon.  Where did that come from?  We've had yogurt in the supermarket a long time.  How did Greek yogurt turn into such a major thing?  I'm not offended by it, just amazed.

2.  Summer/Garden rolls.  Delicious.  We made these at Girl Scouts a few weeks ago.

3.  Caesar Salad.  I still do not completely understand salad that is all lettuce.

4.  Iced coffee.  I had heard of it through someone at church (a retiree).  I didn't understand it - this whole putting milk in an iced drink concept sounded just wrong.

5.  Cuban sandwiches (It seems so limiting to have it be set to  pork, ham, Swiss, pickles, mustard)

6.  Hummus.  Now they sell it in the deli part of the grocery store and it is one of the "vegetables" that La will eat.

7.  Chicken pot pie.  Might have had this at like Morrison's Cafeteria or similar, but probably not.

8.  Gyoza.  We usually order dumplings to make sure the girls will get some food in their belly.

9. Applesauce cake.  My mom made oatmeal cake pretty regularly.  Applesauce cake is similar, but without the fabulous frosting.

10.   Chex Muddy Buddy.  My kids told me about this.  Now it is a semi-regular thing to have either for school snacks or to bring to Thanksgiving.

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Bonny said...

Great list and excellent goal! My older son moved across the country this summer and I realized how much I had let him down in the cooking department. He went from home where I cooked, to college with a meal plan, to graduate school where he eats pizza and drilled cheese. I'm going to watch Jamie Oliver's talk and see how I can help my younger son and if there's any help for my older son. Thanks!