Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Super Squishy Hat

I made this really pretty hat for a friend from high school.   I wanted to use the yarn and this was the best use for it I could imagine.

It is the Grassroots pattern by Melissa Schaschwary.  I've been knitting these patterns that are much more purly than my usual and it hasn't been so bad.  The lace leaf pattern was kind of fun.  The hat is super squishy and soft and luckily still usable for my friend.

However, if you were making this for a regular winter hat for someone, I would say use a different yarn.  Like a squishy, thick sock yarn would be fab.

Here are the details:
Pattern:  Grassroots by Melissa Schaschwary
Yarn:  MadlineTosh Pashmina
Size:  Made the smallest size and it was still pretty slouchy on my 12 year old.  However, I have gauge issues (in that I usually totally wing the gauge.)
I will totally knit this pattern again in another yarn.  :)

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Lisa Ikegami said...

absolutely positively BEAUTIFUL.