Sunday, April 26, 2015

knitting in India

I had to go to India for work again.  This time, I didn't bring any metal needles with me - I learned my security lesson from the last trip.  Also, I wanted the balance of easy/memorizable and interesting and using stash yarn.  I felt ready for the trip when I found "Neato"  by JumperCablesKnitting.

The stash yarn was Plymouth Boku - a wool/silk blend with long color changes (similarish to Noro, but without flashes of hot pink or chartreuse).

Of course, I was going with my usual mode of not using the recommended yarn, needles, gauge, etc.   I ended up seriously winging it (ending in the middle of a repeat when yarn was running short) and making goofy counting mistakes (after several days of jetlag, apparently counting to three is much more difficult).

The pattern was fun, forgiving, and made something nice.  I gave it  to a co-worker in India and am making another one out of two more skeins of the yarn (but in gray).  



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