Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Sewing with El.

This fall, E decided that she wanted to sew one afternoon.  She was 7 at the time.  I think everyone else was at a teenager movie, so we had some time and attention available.  She sewed a bunch of pieces of fabric together. Scraps that I had near my machine, left over from something else. image

She was having fun.  Then realized she wanted to make a pocketbook.  For a 7 year old whose mother carries her wallet, she has a lot of pocketbooks already.  She decided she wanted one that had a crossover strap, a pocket on the outside, and a flap that folded over and buttoned.  She drew a picture of her idea and then we picked out some fabrics from the stash.  She had a thing in her mind and went for it.

The sewing itself, though required a little more precision and technical skill than she has right now, so she supervised and I sewed a lot of it together.  And she added a sewing machine of her own to her Christmas list.

We ended up with this:



She was really happy with this.  Sometimes, you go through the trouble of making something and then there's something about it that you don't like and you don't use it?  This bag was in heavy rotation.  Until she thought of pocketbook 2.0.  The adventure continues.  Stay tuned.

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