Monday, March 14, 2005

Knitting on the road!

Road trip this weekend. We dropped MIL off at my SIL's, packed up the monkeys and headed over to the left coast. That's right. Tampa. We saw some friends of ours who have a boy who is our boy's age and a baby in the belly. Due right around Tax Day. A cute little exemption to be.

On the drive I finished the fluffy bubble gum pink scarf, and started another scarf using a k3p3 rib pattern - inspired by the little box of scarves. This one is in Lion Brand homespun. Leftovers from the blankey I made for the little monkey.

I tried knitting in the round to work on the RedHat (a London Beanie) towards the end of last week. I got my pack of knitting needles in the mail. However, I must have twisted something up because I ended up with a Moebius strip. Unfortunately, my DH doesn't have a Moebius head. Frogged that puppy, and I'll have to start it again when I can pay attention to it. I finished the purple hat that had been languishing on the needles, almost done. Sewed it up and boxed up the two scarves and two hats and sent it off to Ohio.

I put in an order at patternworks. I bought some orange and bronze wools, still more needles, and a pattern for ballet slippers that I'd been coveting for a while after reading Purple Cow Knits. Oh, and I went to Michael's for lunch on Friday, picking up another skein of the Red Heart Baby Clouds in Pink Lemonade (I must confess that I'm thinking of making one of those scarves for me, after I make a hat to go with the first scarf) and some lavender Lion Brand Baby Yarn to make Blaze. However, I can't quite let go of that Nothin But a TShirt pattern that's all over the place. Maybe the next one. Hah. Good thing I'm working through the stash, I keep buying more yarn!

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