Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Like a big ball of Cotton Candy!

So....still waiting for my selection of needles from wherever it was. I guess I could check the tracking.

In the mean time....I finished off my ball of patriot Red by making three seed stitch rectangles eliglble for some Warm Up America action. I found some other yarn that was leftover from a blanky that I made for my nephew (I decided Garnet - one of the Florida State colors, my sister and brother-in-law's alma mater - was gender neutral.) Three whole skeins! So, anway, I think I'll use some of it for a red scarf for the red scarf project. Just need to figure out a pattern that will enhance it. Might need to look through the 365 stitches calendar.

But...and this is what I'm really working on...I started a scarf from some very pink, very fluffy Red Heart Baby Clouds in Pink Lemonade. It's almost sickeningly sweet. I love it! I used the "Farrow Rib Scarf" concept from the Little Box of Scarves.

I do still need to sew up the purple hat to send out. There are a bunch of packages I need to prepare to send out, not just for knitting causes, and I don't have any boxes (back of hand on head, Scarlett O'Hara style). Next trip to Publix. I swear. Or lunch on Friday. Promise.

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