Saturday, April 02, 2005

Adding to the queue

I've been ogling everyone's selections for clapotis and contemplating one. And I've been thinking about my knitting projects in the queue and on the needles. I've decided that I really want to knit something cool for me, the French Market bag. While the two scarves I've got on the needles are good....I think they're both going to be pretty when they're done, and they're going to good causes, etc, etc, I just really WANT to work on the French Market bag - it's something challenging and something for me. I think those are the two most important points. I decided to do it in brown and orange wool - orange for the body, brown for the bottom and handles. The colors might be a little autumnal, but then, maybe I'll have to make a second one for myself. who knows.

And I'll keep looking for yarn to use for the clapotis. And I think I'd like to make a cardigan for me - found a free top down basic cardigan. And I have gorgeous purple wool/silk yarn that I'd like to use on something for me.....

Maybe the secret to happiness will be to keep something for me on the needles and something for someone else too.

I really hope I have time to start the FMB tomorrow. I got the brown wool ready to go and the pattern printed out. I don't think I'm going to make a felting sample first or anything. Gonna throw caution into the wind on this one.

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